Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Latest Deco by Shayra

Hello peeps! Just wanted to share here about my nikah decorator. Refer to this previous post and also this post. I saw her latest flower arrangments work. Oh my, so cantik! The beautiful wedding happened at Duchess Place. Combination colors of Royal Blue + White adalah memang curlasttt okay. Pictures below are from her fb album.

Phaelanopsis Orchids + Hydrangea in Trumpet Vase

Small Centerpiece with Candle

Hall Overview

Melted candle effect

Registration Table Deco

Eustoma + Hydrangea + Carnations Bouquet

Flower Corsage

Dais by the Duchess Place
Oh i love her flower arrangements! Don't you think? Do check her blog to see more girls!
I am one of her fan. Kata bestfriend kan. hihi.
That's all peeps! *xoxo*



  1. thank you for the entry A'ai darlinggg...

  2. aritu i jenguk shayna punye link tp takde dh.dia tkr url baru rupanya.i pn suka tgk hasil kerja dia.sgt boooom! :)

  3. hi Lisa Lisut, awak blh tgk kat sini:
    Thanks dear >.<