Thursday, December 29, 2016

2016 In Summary [updated]

Hello everyone! 2016 is ending soon. What did I accomplished this year?

January - I DIY Adele's birthday party. Just a simple one but i did almost everything by myself like a dessert table, simple deco and a homemade salted caramel for a doorgifts. Only the birthday cake sponsored by my bestfriend on that day. Alhamdulillah the event went smoothly.

April - I made a biggest decision in my life. I finally submitted my resignation letter after 9 years with the company. Hardest thing to do in my life at that moment. But now after 6 months being a stay at home mother, no regrets at all. In fact i'm enjoying my life now.

May - Safiyya stopped going to school after she had a useless teacher (that teacher had been fired as informed by the principle). She refused to go to school and I didn't force her since we are moving to Melaka.
Adele admitted to the Pantai hospital after 5 days of fever and cough with phlegm and flu.

June - Two days after my last day at work we finally moved permanently to our own house. No more shuttling Melaka-Rembau-Cyberjaya. Unless if i have brownies order. Hehe.

August - Went for a short trip to Ipoh. Well more to "jalan-jalan cari makan" actually and we had fun.

September - Made a devil's food chocolate cake for the first time for Safiyya's birthday but then she didn't even eat it. Haha. Celebrated my birthday at Tony Roma's (finally a proper birthday celebration without the girls making a scene) and got an Apple Watch as my birthday gift by husband along with 2 pandora charms. May god bless him.

October - I received an invitation from theduckgroup for the Alphabet Duck launch. My first event ever. I dragged along my husband and the girls so I don't have to worry about the time hehe. Feels good that I finally got a chance to join this kind of event.

November - I read a book. 1 whole thick novel within a month. Pat on my back haha.

December- Adele admitted again to Pantai hospital with high fever and cough with phlegm. Poor little girl.

As for materials, still collecting Duckscarves limited edition. Haven't miss any of the LE yet this year. But world map duck might be the last. MAYBE we shall see. Hehe.
And i bought 2 expensive lip matte. Kylielipkit and Huda Beauty. Others are 2 Lancome, 1 lipstick from Fame cosmetics and 1 Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks which doesn't suit my skin color. Huh.
I don't buy any designer/branded handbag this year except bastabag from Sometimes. Huhu.

As for traveling, I don't go anywhere outside Malaysia. But we did check in quite alot of hotels. Majestic Hotel KL for our anniversary, Ascott KL for staycation, Intercontinental hotel, Resort World Kijal (2 times), Mandarin Oriental KL, Maritime Waterfront Hotel Penang, Holiday Inn Subang, One World Hotel and Empire Hotel Subang when husband off for his meeting and Symphony suites hotel Ipoh for a short vacation.

As for my girls, Safiyya is now a little bit independent. She can tell us when she wants to go the loo. But she still insists to wear diaper when poo poo time and midnight. She will let us know if she's hungry but still she is a picky eater. Same menu everyday. Her vocab is quite good but she can't read yet. She knows which number and alphabet but can't read a word or sentence.

Adele on the other hand, such a clingy baby. She still on fully breastfeeding! We tried to gave her a few formula milks but she didn't like it. Only these few day she slowly to accept the s26 fm. I just wait for her to turns 2 this January then i'll start to wean her off. My body is now aching like nobody business. She loves nasi ayam or nasi with soup. Her vocab at her age now (turning 2 this 14th Jan) quite good as well. She will tell us when she done pooped. Haha. "Mi, biyak" "mi,nk soup", "nk ashik", "aibiyu mi", "nk andi", "nk air", "nk buai", "sakit". That's all i can remember at the moment. She is so me in terms of her "perangai" haha.

For @umiecanbake, Alhamdulillah doing great eventho not having everyday order. But the feedbacks from my customers are all good. Syukur. I only managed to join 1 baking class in October with the most famous baker in town. TheKitchenGuardian. I want to join Kak Yani class since the beginning of umiecanbake and i finally got a chance to learned from her. 😘

There are few things I didn't managed to achieve this year. Swim class, no savings, no traveling outside the country and not being any lighter (body weight). Carry forward then. Haha. I hope 2017 will be a better year for me, for my family. I already did a 2017 resolutions with husband. A realistic one. Haha. Hope we can achieve it. In sha Allah.

And so, Wishing you guys a Happy New Year 2017!

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Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Hello!!! It's been a while from the last post. So much to update but really the laziness take over me on blogging. I do have time on phone in fact I can't be away from my phone but whenever i try to type on the blog, I don't i have any idea. And then my girls distracted me. And then 2 months passed by. Haha. 

Ok i just need to update this. I read a book. A novel specifically. Me before you. Yes it's the title of a movie that released few months ago if I'm not mistaken. I don't know why i bought the book at the first place. Must be because the actor sam claflin so i can imagine his character when I'm read. Oh by the way I haven't watch the movie before i read. Not something i've ever did before. 

So I bought the book last month. I love buying books but end up not read any of it. But since i am now a full time housewife, when I don't have any order or nothing on TV that attract me, I started to read. I'm glad i did it. It has been ages I didn't read any books. Thank god the girls let me read. Or else it might take years to finish it. 

Conclusion, i Love this book. Easy to understand as i'm not that good in english. It's not like a typical story with a happy ending. I cried on the last few chapters. 

I bought the dvd after read. I prefer the book though. I can't wait to read After you. The story after William died. I just need to find the perfect time to start. Anyhow i just so proud of myself that i read a book and finished it within 1 month time. My biggest achievement this year after I submitted my resignation letter. Haha.

Till then, daaa!

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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Not a good feeling

1 am. New day. But still the same me. Yesterday was my worst day. More to my emotions actually. I feel mad and i feel like crying. I didn't talk to my husband. I feel depressed. All the bad and negative feelings. No friend. No money. No social life. My small business doing slow. I'm not going to giving up on that. It's just sometimes i think it's really hard to do it.

And, i found out after Asar i got my period.
That's explained all the bad feelings.
Good night.

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Latest update

Hello. It's been a while. Too many stories to tell but i just don't have mood or much time to update. Being a stay at home mother much more busy apparently. Hehe.

How's my life so far? Alhamdulillah so much things to be grateful for. Husband, the girls and my family. I can't leave without them. Even they drive me insane sometimes but still, they are what i am today.

The perks of being stay at home mom now, i get to follow my husband whenever he have meetings out of town. For the past 2 months since I'd resign, we already checked in 4 hotels which are Ascott KL, Intercontinental Hotel KL, Resort World Kijal Terengganu and Mandarin Oriental Hotel KL. Safiyya is the most happiest girl. She loves staying at the hotel. Like me haha. Adele is fine as long as she's with me.

Off Raya stories, nothing fancy like others i saw on social networks. We didn't even get any open house invitation haha. Sad. We did organized a small makan-makan session though which at the first place was for my family. But we had a long list menu and foods so we decided to invite the neighbors.
And this year Raya I shopped alot for me and the girls. Yeah alot more compared to when i have a job and payslips. As for me only 6 Duckscarves, Bastabag from Sometime, Kylielipkit, 2 tops from Aere and Bynarina. Oh and i got an early present from husband. Bonia shoes. Hihi. Well I think that's enough for now. How i wish money can grow easily on the tree. Oh wait, we don't even have a tree. Haha.

My small business is doing ok just fine. We are turning 1 this 18th. Ah we have come this far with all the customers supports. Alhamdulillah. Only for this month, it's quite slow since i went for a holidays. Hopefully Umiecanbake will be more successful in the future with lots of premium quality menu. InsyaAllah.

That's all i can share with you now. Till the next post! Xoxo

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Monday, June 13, 2016

Puasa Day 8

Alhamdulillah dah masuk hari ke-8 berpuasa harini tp mcm biasa aku dh ponteng 3 days as to this date. Adele is still fully breastfeed dan kadang2 aku tak larat sgt. Ada tu sbb aku x sahur. Bgn pagi dh sakit kepala. Huhu. Hopefully harini berjaya lg berpuasa.

And that's mean dah masuk hari ke-8 jugak aku jobless. Kak ipar siap tanya apa perasaan dh jd full time housewife. Aku jawap takde beza pn sbb sebelum ni dh selalu work from home. It's just aku dah takyah fikir nak pegi kerja ke tak setiap kali
bgn pagi and takyah dah nk carik alasan nak keje kt rumah. Aku rasa dok rumah ni makin kurang nk update twitter ke apa. Sbb Adele mmg clingy yg amat. Nk berkepit je mana aku pegi.

Walaupon bulan puasa, Alhamdulillah umiecanbake still ada order. Syukur. Aku tak buat pon cookies raya sbb nk adjust life. Adele x bg peluang sgt kt aku nk buat kerja lama2. She's really an attention seeker. Aku lipat kain yg melambak pon dia nak dok kt peha aku. Huhu. Tp aku ada menu baru yg boleh buat as raya cookies gak, frambozen kenari. Maybe aku fokus yg tu je utk raya. But still accept order mcm biasa utk brownies.

As for raya preparation, baju raya ktrg yg tempah tak siap lg. Wan pn xde baju lg sbb kain dia x sempat nk hantar tempah. Baju budak2 ni je yg byk beli. Ada 7 pasang dh. Hehe. Kasut masing2 pn dh beli. Tp budak2 ni punya crocs la. Maybe nnt aku nk cari sandal cantik sikit utk diorg.

Tu je kot update buat masa ni. Till then, daa!

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Friday, June 3, 2016

Last day

Today is the day. My last day here at the company. My last writing from company's laptop. hehe.
I have a mix feelings right now. Sedih to leave my job and the company even-tho i don't have friends to celebrate/to be with me on my last day (such a loser i am lol). I am still hoping this is the right decision to made.

I should move on from this state. haha. Too many feelings. Ye lah i've worked for almost 9 years. From a contractor to permanent staff. From HP towers Damansara to HPE Cyberjaya. From 2007 to 2016. From network team to backup team. From a fresh graduate to a mother of two. Ahhhhh so going to remember those memories.

Ok lah, going to handover all the company properties now. Till then, daa!

Monday, May 30, 2016

Final Week

Yeah, another 4 days for me to hold that so called "career woman" title. I just can't describe the feeling. So many things on my mind. Sayang this job and the company but at the same time i just can't wait to end my service here. Well this is my first job and I've served the company for almost 9 years. The company/my bosses gave me so many opportunity to grow but being me that so comfortable in my zone, i prefer to be at the same place. Yes i am.

Sometimes i have that ambitious moment. The feeling to climb up the corporate level. But ever since i have two daughters, a small business and i'm staying too far from the office, I have to choose. I can't have this situation forever, you know commute back and forth Rembau-Cyberjaya-Melaka, too tired to handle. I am no super woman. Pity my girls some more.

I just hope that i made a right decision. With a good intentions, to take care of my own babies, my small business and the important part is to live on our own. Only 4 of us at our own crib after 5 years staying with my family. Poor husband. He has live that long time with my family. haha. Blessed him. 

As for my business, i don't expect much. But i do have plans to expand the business slowly. We already bought  a second oven, a mixer and the stainless steel table so i don't have to kacau my counter bar.Thanks to Ayah for his support and loan me some money. hehe. As for now only brownies and blondies in the menu. In sha Allah soon there will be cakes. Just need more times to r&d. Please pray for me guys. 

So as a rewards since this is MAYBE the last time to shop, i bought myself some stuffs. Only for Kiehls, it's not new. Just need to restocked as my current supply are almost finish. Thanks to my dear friend who's willing to buy for me using the 10% discount and she asked the SA to packed as a gift. Haha.

Till then, daa!~

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

5th Wedding Anniversary at Majestic Hotel KL

7th May 2016 was our 5th wedding anniversary. Our real initial plan was to celebrate in Singapore. Suddenly hubs changed his mind to stay in Legoland hotel JB.So ok lah when i said the expenses will be all on him.
But then suddenly I submitted my resignation letter. Holiday budget became my new mixer. Haha. Well that will be in another different story.

Luckily hubs agreed to bring us for a super short gateway in KL. After a few random survey based on reviews, we (well actually husband) decided for us to stay 1 night in Majestic Hotel KL on our anniversary. Yeayyy!

We arrived at the hotel quite late. Around 530pm ++. It doesn't took much time for husband to check in. Hubs passed me the hotel key card so i can enter the room first with the girls.
Once we entered the room we just "WOW!!". I love it so much especially the king size 4 poster bed and the TV in the bathroom. Major love. I keep thanking husband for bringing us to this hotel. Oh not to forget Safiyya enjoyed her stay too. As for Adele she's not doing well over the weekend. Poor baby.

Later that night, the first plan was to have our dinner at Chinoz on the park KLCC but it was heavy rain that night. For sure the traffic congested to KLCC so we decided to have our dinner nearby hotel. Luckily there is Tony Romas at Nu Sentral. It's just a simple anniversary dinner for us with the girls. Alhamdulillah couldn't ask for more. I am blessed to have a such darling husband and children.

After dinner and bought some stuffs at Watson and iced choc at Coffee Beans we went straight back to the hotel. Ahhh bliss. Safiyya of course take off her own clothes just to get into the tub. Haha.

On the next day, we went for a breakfast at the hotel restaurant, Contango. The breakfast spread had a great variety. I'm too full to eat everything. The taste wise is not bad too.
And the hospitality is the best. I recommend this hotel. Definitely coming back again soon!

We requested for a late check out at 1pm and we went to the IOI Putrajaya after that for a lunch. That's the end of our super short gateway.
Happy 5th wedding anniversary to us!!!!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

And the decision has been made

Hello. Jarang betul nk update blog skrg. Malas. Dan kadang2 tak byk masa nk update. Tp lps ni insyaAllah maybe akan kerap update blog. Byk nk cerita. Gituh.

Dlm last update kemain kan puji dpt manager best flexible. Well aku baru hantar resignation letter kt new manager aku Isnin haritu. 2 months notice. Yeah agak tiba-tiba decision ni. Actually, husband aku dh few times suruh aku berhenti kerja. Tp aku suruh bg masa at least setahun utk aku langsaikan hutang credit card aku. Lgpun Safiyya kan baru start school so mcm kesian pulak.

But then, suddenly new manager aku ni tak bg dh flexibility tu. Dah la tak bg work from home lps tu suruh kurangkan cuti. Me not like lah. Dah 3 years aku comfortable work from home dan jarang masuk office sekali semua tu kena tarik. New task aku tu sgt byk kerja lah katanya. Tp still diorg tak knowledge transfer lg kt aku. Kisahnya manager bg aku adhoc task last week. Last minute task smp aku kena stay kt office until 8pm. Tp aku ok lg wpon penat gila weh nk blk Rembau mlm tu. Esok tu aku mintak half day since aku penat gila badan rasa nk roboh dan Rabu mmg dh apply cuti seminggu sebelum tu. Masa ni manager aku dh pesan suruh reduce kan cuti masa bulan April sbb nnt byk kerja. Aku dh mcm tak berapa suka lah kan. Hari Khamis g kerja masuk office mcm biasa. Mmg penat sgt weh that week dgn bulk order brownies nya. Masa ni Wan dh byk kali ckp "berhenti je lah mommy". Aku blk je dh penat lps tu anak-anak nk perhatian smp kena marah. So Friday aku mintak lah nak work from home. Then manager aku reply panjang menjela. Ktrg whatsApp je. Dia ckp ni last dia bg work from home, after this no more. Katanya lg dh kerap sgt aku kerja kt rumah dgn isu anak ni. So aku kena fikir long run solution. Wahhh. Sakit jiwa tak?

Padehal masa mula-mula dia mintak aku buat new task tu siap ckp takde masalah kalo aku nk work from home pun. Terus lah Wan pn kata "ok mommy that's it berhenti je lah, i boleh tanggung semua". Gituhh.

Aku mmg sedih la wei sedih. Ni first job dari sebelum aku convo smp skrg for almost 9 years. Aku syg kerja aku tp aku dah x boleh nk handle byk benda serentak if kena masuk office hari-hari. I'm not staying nearby Cyberjaya. Penat berulang. Mmg duit habis atas jln. Fikir-fikir balik x berbaloi pun. Mmg weekend lps gak buat surat print terus.
Ramai gak terkejut sbb aku buat keputusan drastically. Tp percaya lah mmg tak mudah aku nk buat keputusan tu. Dgn monthly commitments aku yg agak byk. Kesian kt Wan je sbnrnya. Tp kesian gak kat anak-anak. Aish mcm2 lah fikir.
But Wan being the most supportive and positive husband. Semangat yg dia bg tu mmg aku rasa bersyukur sgt. Aku harap aku dpt tolong kurangkan beban dia dgn business aku nnt. Aamiin.

And i have so many supportive friends too. Alhmdulillah. Siap tolong promote kn @umiecanbake terus. Masa ni lah aku rasa "wah masih ada kawan yg menyokong aku wpon bukan lah bff pun". InsyaAllah aku rasa aku buat keputusan yg betul utk resign so i can focus more on my family and business. Semoga dipermudahkan la urusan kami nnt.

Ok lah tu je update buat masa ni. Kbye!

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Friday, March 4, 2016

Random lagi

Hi, byk benda nk cerita sebenarnya tapi takde masa yg sesuai maka random sahajalah.
Takde plan lg nk tutup blog ni. Blog ni nanti lah akan ingatkan aku memori penting. Maklom lah dah beranak 2 banyak benda lupa.

Cerita anak-anak dulu. Yg sulung baru nak masuk 3 tahun 6 bulan. She loves attention. Tak layan sentap. Merajuk. Kuat membebel jugak. Menyanyi. Menjerit. Suka bergaduh dgn adik. Sayang adik tapi tak suka main sama. Dulu redha kalau adik pukul dia sekarang tak lg. Dia balas balik. If adik gigit dia gigit balik. Suka mengadu. Still makan memilih tp ok la if dia lapar dia bgtau "mami, hungry. Nak nasik/egg". Suka school eventho susah nak bgn pagi. Aku tanya "who's your friend at school?". Dia sebut Hakimi. Aku siap tanya kat teacher siapa Hakimi. Haha. Sejak dah pergi school byk jugak perubahan positif Safiyya. Dah reti nak salam cium tangan. Dulu reti tp susah sgt nk buat. Pastu vocab pun dah byk. Takde la fully bahasa jarman dia tu. Ada sekali tu aku jerit kat Adele, Safiyya sound "jangan jerit". Haha. Ada masa perangai dia menyakitkan hati gak. Contoh bila mandi pagi dia taknak gosok gigi. Pastu if demam nk bg ubat punya la payah. Doc nk check mulut pn mmg sampai sudah taknak bukak mulut. Tp kan dia tahu kalau aku marah kat dia. Nnt dia ckp "sowwy mami".

Anak nombor 2 pulak dah boleh jalan. Setahun 2 bulan. Alhamdulillah finally wpon bontot berat kekeke. Lambat sikit je dari kakak dia. Makan xyah cakap la hobi dia. Pantang dgr bunyi org bukak plastik terus menuju ingatkan makanan. Merangkak mmg laju. Dah pandai turun katil sendiri. Suka berjoget. Lagu nasyid ya hanana ngn bismillah tu mmg fav dia lah. Senget-senget kepala kalau dgr lagu tu haha. Pandai salam cium tgn pastu bg flying kiss. Suka pukul org especially bila dia mengantuk. Mmg semua org dia nk lepok,cubit,gigit. Garang tp penakut. Naik motor pon takut. Dh pandai mntk kalau nk mkn ke air ke "nak air", "pe tu". Oh dia kalau merajuk pn boleh tahan. Pastu bila melalak boleh je sejam takde hal. Huhu. Adele dan kakak dia mmg berbeza sgt. Dah la sorg kurus sorg tembam. Kekeke. Aku harap dah besar nanti jd bestfriend la diorg berdua ni. Aamiinn..

Ok now nak cerita pasal hal kerja. Alhamdulillah i still have a job. Frankly speaking kerja aku ni gaji tak besar tp aku suka apa aku buat skrg. Tak susah, tak membebankan except part kena berulang jauh. Setimpal lah dgn apa aku dapat. Manager memahami dan waktu kerja flexible. Aku pasti takde company lain boleh bg aku kebebasan begini. Last week manager informed aku yg previous manager aku dulu which is my current manager ex-boss request aku move to his team. Aku sebenarnya agak excited sbb ye lah org nak aku kerja dalam team dia kan. Cuma tu lah maybe aku akan jd lebih busy lps ni. Ada new task. Takde la mcm skrg kerap work from home.
Dan haritu out of sudden, Wan ckp lg 3 tahun Safiyya standard 1. By that time dh kena decide nak menetap kat mana. Wan mcm biasa lah suruh resign je nnt. Hopefully by that time aku dh ada cukup savings dan @umiecanbake pon dah stable. Aamiin.

Pasal @umiecanbake pulak. Alhamdulillah order masih ada eventho tak la lebat. Masih takde customer dekat Melaka. If ada pon hanyalah beberapa org kawan aku. Hehe. But still ok. Ada la duit backup tgh bulan. Aku still x all out lg since aku masih lg kerja. Aku taknak anak-anak terabai. Gituh.

Apa lg eh, ni je kot buat masa ni. Oh ya aku ada plan lah nk bercuti bulan 5 nanti. X jauh pon. X naik flight pon. Mmg dekat je. Dh buat budget pn. Tu pn dh beribu. Semoga dipermudahkan urusan. Dah lama sgt x bercuti ke tempat org. Bitter je tgk org lain bercuti sana sini. Huhu.
Ok till then, bye!

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Friday, February 19, 2016

Adele's First Birthday

Her birthday actually was on 14th January 2016. Rasanya 3x celebrate kot. First was on her birthday bawak makan kt Ben's Publika. Second time at our crib. I baked a red velvet cake for her. The third time was a real celebration which we invited a guests with a real birthday cake. A good friend of mine, (IG: Littleshoplots) sponsored Adele's first birthday cake. Hehe. Alhamdulillah jimat duit mommy. Maklom lah anak lahir tgh bulan, nk celebrate besar-besaran kena tunggu hujung bulan. Initial plan nk buat kt rumah kami kt Melaka but suddenly ayah suggest buat kt Rembau je since kakteh pn baru gave birth masa tu so sekalikan dgn aqiqah anak dia.

Masa 1st birthday Safiyya dulu pon buat ala2 party so time Adele kena lah buat gak. Tp aku mcm takde idea sgt time Adele ni. Last minute baru terfikir nak buat cmne. Luckily barang2 like pinggan mangkuk kaca and cake stand time Safiyya dulu ada simpan lg. So jimatlah. Kali ni semua aku buat sendiri for the dessert table except the birthday cake and cupcakes. Even the doorgifts pon buat sendiri. Adik ngn anak2 buah aku tolong letak dalam paperbag je. Stickers lak order kt gs.sticka. Paperbag beli je kt PISB Ayer Keroh. Jd member dpt la less 5%. Heh.

Doorgifts aku bg homemade salted caramel sauce, fudgy brownies/congo bars and ferrero rocher. Comel-comel je size semuanya. Gigih aku buat salted caramel tu utk 120 mini jar. Seb baik adik aku tolong masukkn dlm jar tu.

Temanya pulak "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". Haha. Asal boleh je kan sbb Adele suka lagu tu. So senang lah kwn aku nk buat cake bila dah ada tema. Tp susah nak cari barang yg berkaitan dgn stars ni especially baju/dress. Bukan musim kan. Pegi IOI Mall Putrajaya masuk Mothercare, Pumpkin Patch, Lovely Lace, H&M mmg takde la yg berkenan. Last hope masa tu kat Cotton On Kids Melaka je. And thank god ada tutu dress stars utk Adele siap dgn headband lg. T-shirt with star logo pon ada utk Safiyya. Oh i laf yu Cotton On. So settle lah. Lps tu nk mencari balloon bentuk star kat Melaka nan hado ok. Dah la dia x bg letak helium gas sbb aku nak guna the next day. Tak tahan katanya. Ini lah masalahnya bila most of the things aku yg handle. If ada pon corak star kecik mmg tak nampak sgt. So belasah je la apa yg ada. Utk background deco aku beli hanging letter signs kt Typo. On sale. Hehe. Happy birthday sign tu beli sekali ngn balloons. Yg clip utk gantung gambar-gambar Adele tu pon aku beli kt Typo. Plan asal nk susun gambar tu from newborn to the latest sekali tali tak cukup panjang haha. Padehal gambar tu size 4R. Maybe budgetnya utk gambar size polaroid tu kot. Tp xpe just nice je sbnrnya.

Ok utk main menu mostly mmg ayah aku yg cover. Majlis start dgn tazkirah pukul 3pm cmtu lps tu solat asar. Kira lps tu tea time lah. So menu kami ptg tu kambing bakar, roti canai dgn kari kambing, pulut kuning dgn rendang pucuk maman, mee kari, satay.
Dessert table pulak aku buat classic and premium congo bars, fudgy brownies with choc chips, premium brownies with berries and red velvet square cake. Candies adik aku tolong belikan kt kedai borong Seremban.

Alhamdulillah majlis went well. Cuma potong kek lewat ptg sbb Adele meragam tggu dia bgn tido dulu. Makanan pun byk lebih. Mlm lak bukak birthday gifts. Aku belikan Adele learning walker. Utk Safiyya pun ada gak. Kesian pulak kang dia tgk je.
Seronok pulak buat majlis cmni tapi modal kena ada la if nk jamu org mkn. Adele ni untung atok byk sponsor. Rezeki dia. Okla tu je nk story.

Desserts Table and Doorgifts by @umiecanbake
Stickers by gs.sticka
Birthday cake & cupcakes by Littleshoplots
Aryssa and Adelea's OOTD from Cotton On Kids
Yours Truly OOTD from Duckscarves, Mango (Top), Fyza Kadir (Skirts)

Friday, January 15, 2016

Safiyya goes to school

How time flies too fast! My first born already goes to school. She just turned to 3 years 4 months. Alhamdulillah last week turned out very well. Btw, I registered her at Little Caliphs.

On the first day, we started with a bit of drama. She cried for an ipad. So I scolded her. Bad mommy. But then all went well until her teacher whatsapp-ed to informed Safiyya is crying. Sharp at 12 pm at that time. I asked her what happened but of course my darling baby won't tell me. She just said "nak ice cream". Hehe. I suspected she's hungry/thirsty and tired as she slept late a night before. Her susu in the bottle still full.

The next day no cry or drama at all. Such a good girl. On Thursday morning suddenly Safiyya cries for no reason. But she didn't ask for me though. Her teacher then brought her to the kitchen playset then she seems ok after that. That teacher told me on Wednesday Safiyya also cries suddenly. Maybe suddenly she missed home.

Off about makan, she still refused to eat. Her teacher need to chase after her to make her eat. Others are fine according to her teachers. She loves to play the kitchen set.
At her age (4years class) teachers didn't force them to study. They are more to playschool. They do art, coloring and painting. And back to my main objective sending her to pre-school, i want her to communicate with other kids. Communicate as in real talks not a baby or hi-5 talk. Hehe. And of course i want her to be independent, understand a simple instructions and learn a new things.

So far Safiyya loves to go to school. It's not that hard to wake her up in the morning. Just make sure to wake her up gently. The moment she saw her yellow school pants she will excitedly says "yeay school". Haha. Oh she still wearing a diaper. Hehe. Not a problem at her school. I hope she will learn good things from the school.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Well, Hello 2016!

It's not too late to wish you guys Happy New Year 2016 right? Hehe.. So many things to update but i don't have much time like before. Having 2 girls to handle with Safiyya just started her pre-school, my main source of income (well i still not going to the office yet this year) to look after and my side income to handle as well.

This entry is actually to update my 2015 summary. Just to recap what has happened last year.
This is what i can remembered. Thank god that i did updated my blog on the early last years.

Jan - gave birth to my precious Adele
Feb - confinement mode. Life adjustment as a mother of 2 children
March - back to work. Received a gift from husband (iPhone). Went for a quick holiday to Kuantan. Started to collect the quite expensive duckscarves. Got 11 scarves by end of 2015
April - still rajin to go to the office. Joined hp activity walk for challenge 2.2km. Short stay at PNB Darby Park
May - 4th anniversary. Family lunch at HRC and brought the girls to The Oceanarium the Shore.
My little sister got married and Adele's aqiqah
June - stayed at Awana Kijal terengganu for almost 10 days during husband outstation
July - Raya preparations. Made my own cookies for raya.
August - started my own small homebased business. Umiecanbake. Finally stepped out from my comfort zone
September - organized a small birthday celebration for Safiyya at Nando's the Shore
October - umiecanbake getting busy with orders
November - bought myself a handbag and keyring at Furla as a self reward. My first bag bought in KL boutique and paid in cash.
December - went to a baking class and joined a shared booth at Bazaarlepak in Shah Alam. Had a quite number of orders by end of the year.

Alhamdulillah syukur. Such a great journey in 2015. Of course there was ups and downs especially at Adele's early month when i just started back to work. And that was also the reason for umiecanbake existance. :)
My wishlist for this year would be:

1 - learn to swim
2 - bake a cakes instead brownies only (vary the menu)
3 - doing a research and launch for a new product
4 - shred of some fats! Well every year wishlist
5 - to be consistent in money savings
6 - travel oversea
7 - to be more patient, get closer to the creator and do lots of sedekah
8 - focus more on my babies. Since safiyya started her pre-school journey already

Hoping and praying 2016 and ahead will be another great years for us. Aamiin. Happy new year 2016 everyone!

Till the next update, daa!!

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