Monday, May 30, 2016

Final Week

Yeah, another 4 days for me to hold that so called "career woman" title. I just can't describe the feeling. So many things on my mind. Sayang this job and the company but at the same time i just can't wait to end my service here. Well this is my first job and I've served the company for almost 9 years. The company/my bosses gave me so many opportunity to grow but being me that so comfortable in my zone, i prefer to be at the same place. Yes i am.

Sometimes i have that ambitious moment. The feeling to climb up the corporate level. But ever since i have two daughters, a small business and i'm staying too far from the office, I have to choose. I can't have this situation forever, you know commute back and forth Rembau-Cyberjaya-Melaka, too tired to handle. I am no super woman. Pity my girls some more.

I just hope that i made a right decision. With a good intentions, to take care of my own babies, my small business and the important part is to live on our own. Only 4 of us at our own crib after 5 years staying with my family. Poor husband. He has live that long time with my family. haha. Blessed him. 

As for my business, i don't expect much. But i do have plans to expand the business slowly. We already bought  a second oven, a mixer and the stainless steel table so i don't have to kacau my counter bar.Thanks to Ayah for his support and loan me some money. hehe. As for now only brownies and blondies in the menu. In sha Allah soon there will be cakes. Just need more times to r&d. Please pray for me guys. 

So as a rewards since this is MAYBE the last time to shop, i bought myself some stuffs. Only for Kiehls, it's not new. Just need to restocked as my current supply are almost finish. Thanks to my dear friend who's willing to buy for me using the 10% discount and she asked the SA to packed as a gift. Haha.

Till then, daa!~

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