Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bulan yg sesak

Bulan ni adalah bulan paling sesak skali. Sesak poket yer kawan-kawan. Maklom la nk raya ni tmbh pulak roadtax bambee mati sehari sblm raya. Syahdu bukan? Dan aku pulak dh nk masuk 33 weeks. Brg baby ada sket lg nk kena settle kn pulak tu. Buatnya terbersalin awalkn bila masa nk g beli. Pastu ada hati gak nk ada baju raya thn ni eventho puasa x penuh. Fuhhh nanges tgk acc bank sendiri.
Anak2 buah pon xde budget utk duit raya thn ni. Parents pon. Hanya biskut raya je mampu beli. T_T

Tp alhamdulillah syukur ada suami membantu. Smlm dpt beli 2 pasang baju raya utk aku and dpt completekn baby checklist. Kami beli apa yg rasa btul penting je dulu. Warmer & sterilizer, car seat beli je kemudian memandangkn aku mmg dh plan utk breastfeed anak aku. Plng best dpt beli wardrobe comel and cradle utk little pwincess. Puas hati. Xyh pening2 pale nk beli babycot/playpen yg mmg akan mkn space. Aku xde bilik asing utk baby sbb masih duduk ngn parents. Ikot nasihat bbrp org yg berpengalaman, budak2 ni takkan dok lama dlm cot. So cradle ni kira ok la. Boleh guna smp baby 15kg and utk majlis akikah nnt. Oh btw, the baby cradle is from sweet cherry. Actually husband yg jatuh cinta ngn cradle ni. Hehe. Aku hanya menurut perintah sbb dia yg byr. :p

Smlm gak ktrg berbuka kt luar, kt johnny's steambot. Sementara nk tggu waktu berbuka lg sejam kami lepak2 la kt atas dan aku beli mag cosmopolitan dan in trend. Skali dpt free gift starter kit produk avene. Cashier tu ckp kalo kt luar price rm62. Wah wat a lucky day! Happy btul smlm. Hehe. Korg apa lg sila beli cosmo bulan august ni yer kalo nk free gift. In trend dpt sampul duit raya jeww.

Hari ni dan esok berazam nk basuh baju little pwincess dan kemas bilik. Harap2 mampu la laksanakan sbb bdn amat penat dan sakit. Mlm td xleh nk tdo lena sbb asek la nk wee wee and perut mengeras.

Till then, xoxo!

p/s: tenkiu suami coz u made my day.lebiulah!

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

32 weeks

Salam ramadhan peeps!
Kejap je dh masuk hari ke-6 berpuasakan.
Tp aku x dpt nk puasa penuh lg setakat ni memandangkn cpt sgt x laratnya. Masa masuk je 3rd tri, aku dh start muntah blk tp skali sehari gitu. Bila puasa, kdng2 masa sahur muntah or lps berbuka. Huhu. Tgh mlm muntah lg. Semua kuar blk tu pon mkn kuih je. And i actually more concern about my baby inside. Bila lapar dia akan berkecamuk smp rasa ngilu perut ni. So im not goin to take a risk plus bila anak dlm perut tgh nk membesar.

Last tuesday aku g check-up kt Pantai Ayer Keroh n mcm biasa bp,urine normal. I gained 1.6kg in 3 weeks. Then ultrasound semua ok. Air ketuban cukup n my lil pwincess weighted 1.65 kg at 32 weeks. Berat normal ikut minggu gynae cakap. Alhamdulillah. Masa tgh scan tu suami tanya doc ada buat scan 4d x. Rupanya ada. Lega. Takyah nk pening pale pk nk buat scan 4d kt mana. Unfortunately, my baby tgh meniarap/sujud pulak. Sembunyi muka between her 2 hands. Gynae tolak2 pon takde kesan. Nmpk mata je. Takpe lah. Next visit tgk lg. Hope masa tu nmpk la.
Done with the ultrasound, doc buat swab lg kt bhgn bwh utk 2nd time sample for the infection case. It's getting worst actually. Doc trus masukkan ubat. Semoga infection ni tak effect my baby. Amin.

Skrg pon my backache makin teruk. Kalo time keje mmg x selesa lngsng. Xtau nk dok cmne dh. Bwh perut pon dh rasa pressure. Baby dh berat doc ckp. Ini baru 32 weeks. I cant imagine my condition another 4 weeks. Dan aku cramp kt jari jemari tgn especially bila bgn tdo. Slalunya cramp kt kaki tp aku kt tgn. Weird huh?

Tu je kot so far. Till then, selamat berpuasa!

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pregnancy update at 31 weeks

Alhamdulillah i am now entering 3rd trimester of pregnancy. Another 9 weeks to go. My next checkup would be next week on tuesday.
What did i feel at this period?
- backache
- mild swollen feet
- always hungry and i can eat nasik 3x a day now
- occasional headaches
- itchy over my body especially my legs but glad i dont have any stretch mark so far.syukur
- shortness of breath
- difficult to sleep at night
- having a strange and bad dreams

My baby movement is more frequent and stronger now especially in the morning n night. Sometimes it tickles and hurt a bit. But anyhow i always love the feeling when my baby is moving inside me. I can smile n laugh alone while looking at my moving tummy. I also recorded my baby movement just so my husband can see it too. :)

Honestly im quite excited and can't wait to have my baby in my arms right now but on the other side i keep thinking whether i can be a good mom to my baby and of course feeling nervous for the labor itself. Im praying hard that i can deliver in a normal way.

For the baby item checklist, 70% of the list is completed. Husband and i trying not to overspend for the babystuff. We bought only what is necessary n comes first. Like car seat and baby carrier we decided to buy after the baby is born. If we have extra n lots of money then only we grab it. Ikut kemampuan gitu.

InsyaAllah next week we are going to do a 3d/4d scan. Can't wait! Please pray everything goes well ya! Thanks in advance..

Till then,xoxo!

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Kenduri dan melawat bayi baru lahir

Sabtu lps family aku buat kenduri baca yasin,solat magrib n isya' kat rumah sempena aku dan kakak aku nk melahirkan anak lg 2,3 bulan. Akak aku pregnant lmbt 3 weeks dr aku. Hehe. Tp die nk masuk anak ke-5 lah. Ibu dan besan buat kari kambing, sambal ikan keli n ikan tenggiri,rendang ayam,gulai pucuk ubi ngn ikan masin n sup sayur campor. Mak mentua aku lak buatkan agar2 n ayah order dadih. Alhamdulillah semua lauk licin. Tggl rendang je. Masa hari kenduri tu aku dpt cuti halfday. Smp rembau pon dh kol 4ptg cmtu mmg xde la nk menolong sgt pon. Ngn kaki aku bengkak bagai. Overall seronok sgt ramai yg dtg baca yasin,adik beradik sume blk n lauk pon sedap2 n abes lak tu. Syukur sgt2.

Esoknya plak besan ibu buatkan nasik goreng kg. Mkn ngn rendang ayam. Dap eh. Tp kejap je abes sbb anak2 buah mcm piranha. Then ptg aku g visit bff masa skolah kt nilai. She just gave birth to a very cute baby boy. Tp aku lupa nama dia. Maafkan auntie. Heeee.
Seronok dpt jumpa kwn2 lama. The best part preggie sama2 n dpt share pengalaman masing2. Rasa lucu pon ada bila teringt zaman gila2 kat skolah then skrg masing2 nak jadi mak. How time flies. :)

Ok tu je nk cter for my weekend.

Till then,xoxo!

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday : At 29 weeks

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Baby stuffs again

I did mentioned in previous post that im currently on a tight budget this month but apparently im failed.
Who can't resist a cute rompers and dresses especially if u're expecting a little princess?hehe..
I was browsing through a babygomore and mumdreams website and instantly make a payment after chose a few stuffs. And i received the parcels 2 days later.
Look wat i've got for my baby.

2 rompers with bib and skirt, 2 dresses, polkadot shoes which size from 6-12 months,baby binders and tuam.

Cute isnt it? Lucky my husband didnt ask much bout this purchase. As long as for my baby he's ok.
I think it's enough for this month. I think laaaa.hehe :p

Till then,xoxo!

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Team Appreciaton Dinner

Last night adalah team appreciaton dinner sempena good performance for 3 months in a row. The dinner took place at TGIF Garden. Abes shift at 8pm trus gerak g Gardens mall dgn colleague. Kete aku tggl kt opis sbb mls nk drive.
Tak sangka ramai yg dtg mlm td. Masa mula2 bos tanya nk mkn mana sorg pon tak layan.hehe. But at the end only few members unable to join. It was a great night to spend with the teammate actually before this little one in my womb pop out. Husband pon join sbb senang nk anta aku g keje esok tu. Some of the pictures taken last night minus the foods. Service sgt slow kt Tgif Gardens. Ada order yg x sampai and ada yg dapat bila semua org dh abes makan. Credit to my teammate yg gigih bwk camera dan menangkap gambar.heh.


Till then, xoxo..

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I cannot sleep!

I've been awake since 130 am and can't sleep since then. I had a discomfort sleep position. Pusing kanan x selesa,pusing kiri tgn sakit sbb kena att injection n if terlentang i can feel the pressure at my back. Lg pressure bila tiada suami di sisi sbb ada teambuilding kt sungkai perak. Oh demimu anak,mummy redha.

I made myself a hot milo,took a black jack donut from the fridge and go through my baby checklist while listening to surah yusuf. Hoping i can sleep well after that.

Nk cter sket about my pregnancy checkup smlm. 1st time g checkup tanpa suami. Lucky ibu sudi temankan. Smp sana dpt parking time peak hour wpon ada akak tu selfish gila xnk gerak kn kete dia. Dh la tmpt sempit. Haih. After registered as usual amek urine test,timbang berat n amek bacaan bp. I gained 2.1kg in 3 weeks. Heeee.
Then jumpa doc borak2 sket n scan baby tgk heartbeat. My princess now weighed at 1.29kg. Ikot minggu which is 28 weeks 6 days dia membesar dgn normal. Alhamdulillah. Lps tu kena cucuk. X sakit pon tp doc tarik je jarum rasa lenguh sampai jari. Sobs. My next visit is in next 3 weeks. Masa tu akan buat 2nd swab for my infection issue. Hope takde papelah. Amin. Then restock my obimin n neurogain and bwk ibu lunch kt ayam penyet tesco melaka. Actually dh start sakit badan masa ni. Skrg cpt gila rasa backpain. Xtau la sbb effect dr cucuk ke apa tp gigih gak lps tu g jusco bandaraya carik brng baby sikit. I bought first year nappy wallet with changing mat, comb/brush and nasal aspirator from mom's care. And i used my voucher to be their members. Hehe. Lps tu g kid's world beli baby binders and 2 pieces of baby dress. Can't say no to sale tp leh kawal napsu sbb bln ni on tight budget.

Blk tapau jco donut and iced choc then off to vet's at tampin visiting my sayang, awang. I miss this guy alot and i think he miss us too. Sebok kuarkn tgn n nk bkk pintu cage. Bila la luka dia nk sembuh.

Balik rumah mkn rojak n had nasik lauk smbl ikan bilis+telo dadar for dinner. Actually im craving for smbl ikan bilis petai tp petai xde so i hope ayah dpt carik petai arini.
That's my one day story and still i cannot sleep yet.............

Till then,xoxo..

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Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy weekend

I had a quite tiring weekend. Dh masuk 7 bulan ni kaki cpt penat tp gigih gak nk berjalan cari barang anak.
On saturday, suami tolong amekkan set tilam kekabu from littledje boutique. Nk jimatkan postage cost rm20 sanggup la dia g amekkn.hehe. And i lovee the set very much! Tak sia2 aku menunggu littledje uplod album 7. Kejap gila sold out.

Sunday, after done surveyed and compared several websites for strollers we settled down with Graco citilite-R sporty stroller. Actually aku serahkan segalanys kat suami bab stroller ni sbb dia yg akan pay for it. It's within his budget,can fully reclined seat, reverse handle so my baby can look at her hot mummy face, full cover canopy and of course ultra lightweight! The only prob is, this type consumed quite big space but it doesnt matter to us. Bonet forte besar.hihi. I love the color especially. Turqoise! And we bought from littlewhiz. Gigih tau pegi sbb mmg dia je paling murah. Nasib baik ada stock. Masa pegi smlm ramai gila org.

Dh alang2 kat sana trus la beli apa yg patut in the checklist. Puas hati sbb sume ada diskaun. We bought bumble bee disposable breast pads, hooded towels, autumnz double zip lock breastmilk storage, mittens & booties, hat,buds everyday organic starter set,bibs and lots of headbands. Hehe super cute! Mungkin ada tmpt lain yg lg murah tp dh mls nk mencari.

Dah settle kat littlewhiz,ktrg trus la ke setia alam city mall.
Besar gak tmpt ni. Masuk je trus nmpk 1 kedai menarik. Cube accessories. Semua kasut adalah sgt comel dan yg penting murah! Beli 1 39.90 beli 2 rm70. Suami pon mcm suka lak. And he paid for it. Thank u suami! Lama x beli kasut masut ni. Btw, kaki aku makin besar ok. Size 42. Gilakkk. Ktrg tawaf 1 mall. Mmg blk rumah kaki bengkak trus. Muehehe. Tp xpe kami puas hati. Ini la hasil utk minggu ini.

Till then,xoxo!

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