Saturday, July 7, 2012

Team Appreciaton Dinner

Last night adalah team appreciaton dinner sempena good performance for 3 months in a row. The dinner took place at TGIF Garden. Abes shift at 8pm trus gerak g Gardens mall dgn colleague. Kete aku tggl kt opis sbb mls nk drive.
Tak sangka ramai yg dtg mlm td. Masa mula2 bos tanya nk mkn mana sorg pon tak layan.hehe. But at the end only few members unable to join. It was a great night to spend with the teammate actually before this little one in my womb pop out. Husband pon join sbb senang nk anta aku g keje esok tu. Some of the pictures taken last night minus the foods. Service sgt slow kt Tgif Gardens. Ada order yg x sampai and ada yg dapat bila semua org dh abes makan. Credit to my teammate yg gigih bwk camera dan menangkap gambar.heh.


Till then, xoxo..

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