Monday, August 15, 2016

Latest update

Hello. It's been a while. Too many stories to tell but i just don't have mood or much time to update. Being a stay at home mother much more busy apparently. Hehe.

How's my life so far? Alhamdulillah so much things to be grateful for. Husband, the girls and my family. I can't leave without them. Even they drive me insane sometimes but still, they are what i am today.

The perks of being stay at home mom now, i get to follow my husband whenever he have meetings out of town. For the past 2 months since I'd resign, we already checked in 4 hotels which are Ascott KL, Intercontinental Hotel KL, Resort World Kijal Terengganu and Mandarin Oriental Hotel KL. Safiyya is the most happiest girl. She loves staying at the hotel. Like me haha. Adele is fine as long as she's with me.

Off Raya stories, nothing fancy like others i saw on social networks. We didn't even get any open house invitation haha. Sad. We did organized a small makan-makan session though which at the first place was for my family. But we had a long list menu and foods so we decided to invite the neighbors.
And this year Raya I shopped alot for me and the girls. Yeah alot more compared to when i have a job and payslips. As for me only 6 Duckscarves, Bastabag from Sometime, Kylielipkit, 2 tops from Aere and Bynarina. Oh and i got an early present from husband. Bonia shoes. Hihi. Well I think that's enough for now. How i wish money can grow easily on the tree. Oh wait, we don't even have a tree. Haha.

My small business is doing ok just fine. We are turning 1 this 18th. Ah we have come this far with all the customers supports. Alhamdulillah. Only for this month, it's quite slow since i went for a holidays. Hopefully Umiecanbake will be more successful in the future with lots of premium quality menu. InsyaAllah.

That's all i can share with you now. Till the next post! Xoxo

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