Friday, January 15, 2016

Safiyya goes to school

How time flies too fast! My first born already goes to school. She just turned to 3 years 4 months. Alhamdulillah last week turned out very well. Btw, I registered her at Little Caliphs.

On the first day, we started with a bit of drama. She cried for an ipad. So I scolded her. Bad mommy. But then all went well until her teacher whatsapp-ed to informed Safiyya is crying. Sharp at 12 pm at that time. I asked her what happened but of course my darling baby won't tell me. She just said "nak ice cream". Hehe. I suspected she's hungry/thirsty and tired as she slept late a night before. Her susu in the bottle still full.

The next day no cry or drama at all. Such a good girl. On Thursday morning suddenly Safiyya cries for no reason. But she didn't ask for me though. Her teacher then brought her to the kitchen playset then she seems ok after that. That teacher told me on Wednesday Safiyya also cries suddenly. Maybe suddenly she missed home.

Off about makan, she still refused to eat. Her teacher need to chase after her to make her eat. Others are fine according to her teachers. She loves to play the kitchen set.
At her age (4years class) teachers didn't force them to study. They are more to playschool. They do art, coloring and painting. And back to my main objective sending her to pre-school, i want her to communicate with other kids. Communicate as in real talks not a baby or hi-5 talk. Hehe. And of course i want her to be independent, understand a simple instructions and learn a new things.

So far Safiyya loves to go to school. It's not that hard to wake her up in the morning. Just make sure to wake her up gently. The moment she saw her yellow school pants she will excitedly says "yeay school". Haha. Oh she still wearing a diaper. Hehe. Not a problem at her school. I hope she will learn good things from the school.

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