Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Hello!!! It's been a while from the last post. So much to update but really the laziness take over me on blogging. I do have time on phone in fact I can't be away from my phone but whenever i try to type on the blog, I don't i have any idea. And then my girls distracted me. And then 2 months passed by. Haha. 

Ok i just need to update this. I read a book. A novel specifically. Me before you. Yes it's the title of a movie that released few months ago if I'm not mistaken. I don't know why i bought the book at the first place. Must be because the actor sam claflin so i can imagine his character when I'm read. Oh by the way I haven't watch the movie before i read. Not something i've ever did before. 

So I bought the book last month. I love buying books but end up not read any of it. But since i am now a full time housewife, when I don't have any order or nothing on TV that attract me, I started to read. I'm glad i did it. It has been ages I didn't read any books. Thank god the girls let me read. Or else it might take years to finish it. 

Conclusion, i Love this book. Easy to understand as i'm not that good in english. It's not like a typical story with a happy ending. I cried on the last few chapters. 

I bought the dvd after read. I prefer the book though. I can't wait to read After you. The story after William died. I just need to find the perfect time to start. Anyhow i just so proud of myself that i read a book and finished it within 1 month time. My biggest achievement this year after I submitted my resignation letter. Haha.

Till then, daaa!

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