Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Review #2 : Flower Arrangements ( Hantaran + Bedroom )

Firstly, i am so sorry coz gambar hantaran from groom side tak sempat nak amek satu2. Just from my side ok?
Apa yg penting i love flower arrangements for my hantaran and bedroom. Thanks to my sweet and lovely decorator Shahira Nadia yg berjaya buat gubahan from fresh flowers just like i want. :)
Gigih dtg pagi2 on my nikah day dari Shah Alam ke Rembau to deliver the hantaran for me.

Aigner Watch
D&G perfume set
Gucci Wallet & Belt
Bunga Rampai
D&G Shoes
Tailor made baju
Sireh Junjung + Wedding Ring
Choc Patchi
Flower for bedroom
Both Side Hantarans
Alhamdulillah ramai yg suka hasil kerja beliau. Memang cantik at least to me.
Love her work?Do contact her in FB ok..hehe :)

p/s: sorry for the low quality of the pictures as official photos not yet in hand..