Sunday, May 15, 2011

Selesai Majlis

Berakhir sudah majlis bertandang di Umbai, Melaka. Semalam mmg penat gila la. Kena dera outdoor photoshoot smp kol 7. Mata berat gila tak larat nak bukak dah. Tp seronok. Majlis kahwin kat Melaka mmg happening gila. For the 1st time karaoke dpn org ramai. Lepas potong cake siap ada sessi mkn choc fountain. Hihi..

Tp gambar takde lg. And i still owe the reviews for all of my vendors.

Will do in the next entry ya!xoxo


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  1. best n meriah bunyinye..cepat2 review hehe :)

    psstt emi jd ur 33th follower hehe :)

  2. Assalamualaikum,

    congratulations on your wedding. =)

    I see that you had Aizat BC as your wedding photographer. Me and several other people have experienced awful times with them. So, I suggest that you take precaution, and ask for the soft copy of ALL your photos from them immediately. Kalau belum edit pun tak pe.

    You don't want to be devastated like me, my husband and family.

    Best regards.