Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Off to KT

We are now in Kuala Terengganu. It is Safiyya's first trip to KT and our first trip for only 3 of us. Actually husband have training to attend from Monday-Friday and he tagged us along. The 8 hours journey went well. My baby slept most of the time. She's such a good girl but when we almost reached the resort she became cranky. Must be bored or tired.

We arrived at Riyaz Heritage Kuala Terengganu at 6 pm. We got babycot for our room which we dont really need it.
So as we got into the room, rilex for a while,bathsink-tub Safiyya and then she started to cry. It's exactly maghrib time. Oh my i almost cry when she's cranky like that. Her hand and voice shaking! After 5 minutes bedung and df her, she fell asleep. She awakes half and hour later. We decided to dinner outside but then Safiyya sleeps peacefully on our way out so i asked husband to take away our dinner. We had kuew tiaw goreng,laksa penang and burger bakar. Thank god Safiyya sleep easily that night.

Yesterday we just stayed in the room as husband went to his class. Safiyya sleeps most of the time. Penat smlm x habis lg kot. I planned to take Safiyya for her first swimming here. Not me but husband will. I already bought her swimming suit at mini mart in Mahkota hotel Melaka. Can't wait to bring her to the pool. By the way, we will stay here for 7 days which mean until this saturday. Hoping Safiyya will be a good girl.

Till then,xoxo!

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  1. 2 in 1 lah ni.. kerja sambil cuti. Harap2 Safiyya baik2 je, jangan meragam kat tempat orang