Monday, February 11, 2013

Short Weekend

I bet all of u is currently enjoying your holiday but not me. I am now working. Yeah it is suck but i can claim standby for Public Holiday so I AM OK.haha.
So what happened last weekend? Nothing much. Arrived from KT around 7 pm on Saturday. Had a family BBQ session at kakteh's crib. I cooked fried spaghetti as requested by my lil sister. She prepared all the ingredients and i just cook. It's a hit on that night. Licin. ehehe.

But Safiyya as expected being a cranky baby so we went back home early.

Sunday we're just resting at home. Gathered with my whole family is a bliss. Ordered nasi lemak for breakfast,homemade lunch asam pedas sardin, ikan keli goreng cili api, telur dadar and sup sayur at 4 pm. For dinner my brother belanja burger bakar. Take away from Deqwan Burger. This time we ordered 1 giant and 1 kingkong size burger. hehe. Sedap!

What else? Oh Safiyya loves to suck her toes now. So cute. Posted her picture in FB and most of the comment said, "it's a sign Safiyya wants adik". I was like, "hey NOT YET!". No such things ok. haha.

And lastly, i received my mini blender already. Bought from Groupon. Let's shake n take baybeh!

Till then, xoxo!


  1. Sedapnya bbq. Eh bg no phone la. bila nak lepak ntah haha :p

  2. bape beli shake n take tu?cm best laaa.huhu.. dlu ms 4bulan hannah pn duk isap2 kaki org sume ckp nk adik -__- no such things! tu mmg hobi baru dorg masa tu haha

    1. RM58 kt groupon.harga asal RM118 x silap.mmg wei.cousin i yg nurse tu ckp 5 bulan baby pandai isap kaki.bkn nk dpt adik.haha