Monday, February 25, 2013

iSpa & Skin Therapy Melaka

Last Saturday, i went to iSpa & Skin Therapy at Taman Bukit Piatu Mutiara, Melaka with my little sister. I bought the voucher deal for 2 person from Groupon at RM120. My husband was the first one noticed this deal on his phone as he subscribed the deal from Melaka location. Hehe.
I called the spa to booked a slot 2 days before and we got our session at 3pm. I just can't wait to go the spa as my body was very tired at that time. I leave my baby with my mother of course with a sweet promise to bring her out the next day.
We arrived at the spa 10 minutes earlier and bring along the Groupon printed voucher. It's very easy to find this place. Just go straight from lebuhraya AMJ and take a left exit before the traffic light at Ariani Bukit Piatu.
So as we arrived, the spa manager greeted me and my sister. Then she explained about the spa flow session. After that the therapist took us for our foot spa which takes around 25 minutes. While we enjoying our foot soaked in warm water with sea salt, the therapist gave us a lemon tea drink. Nice.
Then we were taken to the 2nd floor to start our spa. As we entering the room, i am quite "jakun". The room is spacious with 2 massage bed, 1 huge jacuzzi and shower room. The ambiance is so calming. We proceed with the full body scrub after done changing our attire. Later on that,take a bath before jump into the jacuzzi.hehe. Oh just what i need! Done with the jacuzzi bath, we got our aromatherapy massage. It's quite  nice but i prefer massage in Ubud spa. And last part, the therapist put on the mud masque at our back for whitening purpose for around 30 minutes. After they cleanse our back, we put on our cloths and we head down.
We were served with orange juice at the counter. And as expected this spa will offer us their promo package but i didn't bother to take it in the middle of the month. Too expensive and i can't promise to come over every month for massage and facial. But yes, this spa is recommended. If i have extra time and money, will definitely come again.

Till then, xoxo!


  1. pergh best gile.dh lama bebenarr xmanjakan diri ha..sobsob

  2. bestnya. kene jugak pg spa ni badan dah penat sgt

  3. alahai bestnye memanjakan diri sekali sekala macam ni kan..

  4. Aah best!tp massage kejap sgt pulak.hihi