Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sleepless night

For the past 3 nights, Safiyya did not sleep well. She keeps awake and hardly to sleep at night. Maybe because she got her long sleep during the day and take a nap after maghrib then she puas already. It makes me quite stress you know. I am now working on normal hours for only 2 months. It's actually good things to me as i don't have to work at night so i can sleep with my baby but it is so tiring. I prefer to work on shift actually but only on day shift like my previous team. OK demand.haha.

So when my body is tired and Safiyya being cranky, i get angry easily. Yes that's me. Poor my baby sometimes kena marah. Kadang2 i just let her play alone. I really hope this is just a short phase. Alih bulan probably as this kind of perangai susah tido started exactly when she turned to 5-mo.

On the other story, yesterday while Safiyya tgh mengiring ibu tolak bontot dia. Dpt la mengiring kejap but only for 20 seconds and after that she started to bengis.haha. Anak mommy sgt kan suka mengamok? :p

Semoga cepat la meniarap wahai anak!
Till then, xoxo!


  1. u dh keje normal working hours eh u. tp sian plak safiyya tak brp nak tido malam. sian u. i dh dpt no u tp tak sempat nk whatsapp lg haha