Saturday, February 9, 2013


Oh taking care my baby alone while husband away for his class is very challenging.
But besides being cranky most of the time while staying with me, Safiyya enjoyed her bathtime in the sink.hehe. I love watching her wide smile looking at the mirror everytime i bathed her.
My parents will call me everyday just to asked about their cucu kesayangan. They never been apart for this quite a long time. I think Safiyya misses her atok n uwan too.
Last 2 night was a terrible night for me. Safiyya doesn't want to sleep and keep crying. I tought "something" kacau but then i checked her tummy and it's quite keras. She rarely get a colic so i never expect that. I don't even have any med for colic. Thank god after applied minyak telon and tuam her tummy with warm towel, tried to bf her she fell asleep until morning. I cried seeing her like that. I know it's must be so painful. Pity my baby. So yesterday i bought gripewater at Farmasi Lau in KT town as a precaution. We can never know what will happen to our baby kan.
We are on our way home now. Hopefully can reach Rembau before dark as my family doing bbq tonight. Praying for a safe journey and Safiyya will behave all the way long.

p/s: my lil sis whatsapp-ed this morning just to informed me that my cat died. RIP Awang. I love u and will always miss u. The most manja cat i've ever had. Oh i am so sad!

Till then,xoxo!

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  1. get well soon baby. kucing husband i pulak hilang dia sedih je ni tak jumpa jumpa. u esok i balik rembau :)

    1. Thanks auntie.u blk stay lama x?i keje esok.mlm leh jumpa :)

  2. Kesiannye bdk kecik ni msk angin.lama kne angin pantai ganu ni hihi..u tot awang tu monyet ok.sll org bela monyet ltk nma awang. Rupanya kucing adoyai hihi