Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Deqwan Burger

Went to deqwan burger bakar last saturday with my family minus my husband,ayah,along,angah & bcek. Husband was busy with his work and need to stayback until late night. So i just tapau for him.
Actually it was our first time having burger bakar so i can't compare with the famous one in KL.

Deqwan burger located in Senawang,before Johan restaurant. It's a corner lot house. Can spot this place from the main road heading to Lekas highway.
We were lucky that night as we arrived a bit early coz after that so many people came. We ordered 2 kingkong (500g) size burger. 1 chicken and 1 beef with cheese as ibu doesnt eat cheese. It took sometimes to have our burger done but it's all worth to wait. It's taste delicious!

Look, how big was the burger. Can eat up to 8 people for kingkong size. But husband dont really fancy it. He said tak puas. Haha watever. The burger cost us RM25 and RM30 with the cheese. Gonna come again next time!

Till then,xoxo!

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  1. Waa besar giler ni you. Kalau i dgn husband confirm tak habis haha. Next time try kat kl pulak tau :)

  2. uuuih berger besar tuh, seminggu kena habiskan kalau makan sorang2

  3. I xpenah try yg besar ni wpun teringgin nk try yg shah alam punya tu. sll size kecik je kt puchong. sdp ke?huhu. safiyya ni cm hannah aaa ;D