Friday, January 25, 2013

Lazy update

Oh wow, it's been a week i didn't update my blog! Nothing much to share for the past one week. Currently i am on my night shift for this week and I've got a really bad backache. I feel so old  right now. *sigh*
But to add a bit happiness to the pain, my salary is IN! Cepat giler. Yeah, instantly went for a dinner last 2 night and tea time yesterday at Secret recipe. Haha. Dasarrrr! I am now in love with the absolute chocolate from SR which cost me RM10 per slice. Blame my little sister! But it's worth it. If you're a big fan of chocolate, please try.

Absolute chocolate

Regular hot choc!

As for this 2 weeks night shift, i brought "bekal" for my lonely and sad dinner in office. In addition, i cooked the sambals. Rajinkan?haha. *blownails*
For the lazy bump like me,it's a proud achievement if i cook! Jangan kutuk okay. :p

sambal ikan bilis+asam pedas sardin. Oh this one, my baby sister cooked.hehe
Sedap makan ngn roti

sambal ikan bilis sosej+kari ikan

When i off shift, i will take Safiyya for jalan-jalan. Ala just pegi minum air soya kat kedai tepi jalan area taman perumahan sebelah kampung. She likes it. Sitting quietly and observing the moving cars and motorcycles. Mcm besar sgt dah gayanya!

Minum petang di SR

Nk g jenjalan

sibuk nk tgk pemandangan luar

Oh i miss my little angel right now!
Till then,xoxo!


  1. u keje apa shift malam? dhla jauh dr rembau lg sian u

    btw bekal tu walaupun simple tapi sedappppppp mkn dgn nasi putih plak haish laparr

    1. operation support.2 weeks day 2 weeks lama i day shift je tp kena terminate so i dicampak.mmg suffer giler skrg tp sshnye nk dpt keje lain T_T
      Thanks babe.i mmg suke lauk simple je.hehe

  2. kesiannya u bertabahla ye. kalau i ntah camnela nak kene keje shift ni. keje 8-5 pn i dh penat huhu