Saturday, December 6, 2014

Quick date

We got a chance for a quick movie date yesterday. We left Safiyya at home with my mother, the nephews and nieces.
After solat Jumaat we straight away to Palm Mall Seremban for 2.55 pm showtime Mockingjay.

When we arrived, bought the tickets and foods so we missed the first 5 minutes show. Heh. So the new GSC is not bad at all. The seat are quiet big and comfortable. We enjoyed watching Mockingjay Part I. Can't wait for the Part 2. There was a scene that makes me wanna cry. Must be the hormones.

So after movie, i asked husband to check out the new Toys r Us. I end up with alphabets fridge magnet for Safiyya which i've search for it quite sometimes. Finally found it! And then bought some necessities at Watson.

Out from Palm Mall we had our tea time at McCafe. Super quick one before headed back home for Safiyya.

That's happen when you have children. Everythings gotta have to be so quick. But it's ok. I'm not complaining. It's just sometime i really need that 1-2 hours break from my duty. Afterall i still thinking and missing of my little angel back at home if i left her for so long. And that's why we always rushing back to her. :)

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  1. Xpe quick2 pn at least we try to have QT with our spouse. Hehe