Monday, July 18, 2011

My Wedding Photos: Umbai Reception

No more official wedding photos after this entry. I guess so. Haha. But i have another few wedding reviews to update for B2B references.
Skip the intro, i heart all of my wedding pictures to the bit! Enjoyy! :)

Date: 14th May 2011
Time: 12:00 pm
Venue: Umbai,Melaka
Theme Color: Silver, purple
Pelamin: DIY by hubby's family
Handbouquet: Shahira Nadia
Bride & Groom Attires: Tailor made by Dzull de Classique
Shoes: Custom made by Whitelableshoes
Makeup Artist: Salima Samail
Photographer: Supian Hadi Othman from Shadi3 Photography

The End~



  1. u had a great wedding umie! wahh jenuh makan seafood je ni kat umbai.jelesh i.dh lama bertahun xmasuk melaka okkk after spm dlu hehe

  2. Thanks lisa..percaya tak i ngn husband x penah lg mkn seafood kt umbai tu berdua unless ada kwn2 ajak.sbb die allergic.haha

  3. sara dtg jengah miss ai.. hehe :) tgk gmbr wedding cantek.