Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Wedding Photos: Reception

I love everything about my wedding even tho it's just a simple ceremony held in kampung area. I dont have to say much. Just enjoy the pictures will ya! :)

Date: 8th May 2011
Time: 12:00 pm
Venue: Home Sweet Home, Rembau
Theme Color: Champagne,White & Red
Pelamin: Elynnz Collection
Handbouquet: Sharifah Kirana
Deco: Ren-da Bellezza
Doorgift: Arahchocolate
Bride & Groom Attires: Sharifah Kirana
Makeup Artist: Ayangkamell
Photographer: Aizat Rush Bliss Candid
Videographer: Simplisiti Studio

Raw and definitely non-editted. :)



  1. wowwwww i adore ur wedding too!!!home wedding!!! :) sgt cntik la everything :)

  2. cantiknyer baju..!!! cantiknyer wedding u..!!! suke ar warne merah banyak2..:)

  3. Lisa: Thank you so much dear! :)
    Aty: merah mmg nmpk cantik bila byk2..hehe..thanks ya dear :)

  4. cantikk nyer...rase mcm nak pakai kaler tu pulak..sweet..;-)

  5. hehehe..fikir betul2 tau..champagne+red mmg good least pengantin naik seri gitu. :)

  6. canteknya baju ai. nmpk klasik moden. english vintage gitu. buat sewa x ? eh muat ke ? hehe :)