Friday, March 11, 2011

Wedding Songs List

As i mentioned in previous entry, there will be no karaoke or gamelan or watsover. Then i cakap kat ayah, nnt org confuse, ni majlis kahwin ke or kenduri kematian? Mintak simpangggg la kan. So ayah bg jugak la Dj tp die pesan jgn nak amek Dj yg suke ckp mengarut2."Ayah bonci!" Yo lah bapak!
So i dah buatkan list for wedding songs. Paling penting mesti ada lagu nasyiddd okay!hahaha. Bagi tenang sikit ayahku.So here it goes the list:

 1)  Barakallah by Maher Zain
2)  For the rest of my life by Maher Zain
3)  Nothing compares to you by Sinéad O'Connor
4)  Truly, madly, deeply by Savage Garden
5)  Unchained Melody by Righteous Brothers
6)  Love me tender by Norah Jones
7)  Sedetik Lebih by Anuar Zain
8)  Apa Saja Kru
9)  Sempurna by Andra and The Back Bone
10) Istimewa by Indigo
11) Tercipta untukku by Ungu & Rossa
12) Kaulah Segalanya by Hazrul nizam
13) Stickwitu by The Pussycat Dolls
14) From this moment by Shania Twain feat Bryan White
15) All my life by KC & Jojo
16) Iris by Goo Goo Dolls
17) Everything i do by Bryan adams
18) When you tell me that you love me by Dian Ross
19) Thank God I Found You by Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men
20) When you say nothing at all by Ronan Keating
21) Close to you by carpenters
22) You & Me by Lifehouse
23) Today was a fairytale by Taylor Swift
24) Endless love by Mariah Carey & Luther Vandross
25) This I promise you by Nsync
26) Power of Love by Celine Dion
27) Love story by Taylor Swift
28) I can't help falling in love with you by Elvis presley
29) How do i live by Leann rimes
30) It's Your Love by Tim McGraw & Faith Hill
31) Kaulah segalanya by Ruth sahanaya
32) Inikah cinta by Sheila majid
33) I don't want to miss a thing by Aerosmith
34) Dewi by Dewa
35) Whenever you call by Mariah carey
36) My Everything by 98º
37) I Do (Cherish You) by 98º

Lagu-lagu ni akan diputarkan (wah putarrrrr!hahaa) sepanjang majlis utk elakkan kehambaran. ;p
Ada cadangan lagu lain utk ditambah?



  1. have you ever loved a woman, heaven - bryan adams
    the reason - hoobastank
    there you'll be - faith hill

    aku nk sajes my life would suck without you - kelly clarkson tu. tapi mcm terlebih rock la pulak! hahaa

  2. lagu jimbit sana jimbit sini....