Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hand Bouquet & Hantaran Deco

It's quite pricey for hand bouquet right? Especially for fresh flowers. Lucky, i will get a free hand bouquet from Kirana boutique as a complimentary for my reception. :)

As for solemnization bouquet, i want a fresh pink full of roses to match my white nikah dress. Simple one just like this pictures.

 Or this carnations. Both are perfect right?

I found this blog with a very good info on how to choose the right wedding bouquet style. I think carnations will be perfect for me!hihi

To be honest, i am not a creative person. So my dearie good friend which i trust her taste and gifted talent, will doing my hand bouqet as long with my hantaran deco. Look at some of her deco's pic. Cool isn'it? ;)

Simple yet nice i must say. Mesti la puji kawan kan. Babe, if you read this kasi diskaun okay. muehehe.
Till then, xoxo!

p/s: All the hand bouquet pics are from mr google.



  1. yang carnation tu cantik..time i kawen dulu plan nak bunga tu tp xsempat nak cari..sudahnya pakai white roses....

  2. Carnation is the best choice :D

  3. farah: kan?i suka combination color tu..
    ayu: yeah!kena gigih cari nnt..

  4. Dun worry dear, I'll mix both roses and carnations for ur hantarans.. And I'll mix with pink hydrangea to add more sweetness... I'm sure u'll love it so much!! As for ur hand bouquet, later u'll have to decide whether u want roses or carnations or mixture of both... anyway, thanks for the entry, appreciate that! Dpt free advertising... Hahah

  5. At last,berjaya gak eh comment! prob la babe..we help each other gitu.later we discuss k psl handbouquet tu.most likely im choosing full carnations instead of mixed it :)

  6. Ok... No prob dear...