Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wedding Shoes

I had mentioned in previous post that i am still looking for a perfect wedding shoes. It's for reception in Melaka side. I think i need to get my own custom made shoes so i can have my own match/desired height.  So i have this few options before i proceed with the order.

My dress is already full on detailed and for sure i just need a simple shoes.
So peeps, which one is the best?

*pictures source is from here*



  1. kasut pict no 4 tu nmpk sweet

  2. suke suke suke! linked dear.salam b2b

  3. i suka peep toe shoes :D

    paling suka yg #3. tp kalau nak secure lebih #4 paling bagus

  4. ohh ai tak leh pakai kasut tertutup...

  5. Lilieyz: kalo platform lg cntik no 4 tu nyah
    Habibi: br perasan tibe2 1 je kasut bertutup.hihi..
    Puteri: meh meh.i dh linked u :)
    cc & Afzien: Sama la taste kte.i mmg plng suka no 3 itu.brooch tu leh tmbh sendiri
    Honey: xpe ikot keselesaan masing2 :)