Thursday, December 30, 2010

Azam tahun baru

2010 is goin to end soon and a few new major things happened to me this year. Started with a break-up relationship and ended with an engagement with the same person, first time got a chance to go to the concert of my favorite artist, going for a vacations and got my very first designer handbags. :)
Here it goes the sequence but can't remember the actual date of the month for the certain occasions.

- Trip to Hatyai,Thailand with my family
- Convert to H* permanent staff after 2 years and 8 months as a contractor to the company
- Trip to KK,sabah with the Girls
- Wan proposed on 13th July!
- My Engagement day on 19th September
- Got a chance to go to the Paramore Concert with Love
- Got my 1st handbag and clutch from Gucci and Anya. yeay!But only can "pakai" after my wedding day.haha
- Received a successfully confirmation on the 6 months probation under H*
- Singapore trip with Wan's family

So wat is my 2011 resolution?

- Trying to reduce my panas baran and unstable emotion.Tak period pun bole emo ;p
- Mahu lebih rajin bekerja as tak mahu orang mengata asek ber"fb" and tgk "blog" jee.hehehe
- Open new saving account in Tabung Haji as planned 2 years before. Wajib menyimpan sikit sbb slalu shopping.
- Gucci Sukey OR Balenciaga city bag perhaps?hehehe.
- Will trying to improve myself to be a better person from all aspect.insyaAllah.

I got almost everything i want this year. I am so blessed and thankful to Allah with what i have right now. Alhamdulillah.Hoping 2011 onwards also a good year to me,wan,my family and you,my readers!amin.. :)

Wishing you guys Happy new year 2011!muahs!


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