Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Haagen Dazs and white Ixus

Ala baru makan kat Haagen Dazs dah kecoh. Mesti korang nak cakap camtu kan?hahaha. Like i care. Kecoh la sebab first time dapat mkn icecream yg agak la mahal to me with waffle, almond and chocs syrup.muehehe. Isn't sounds like paradise.Sedap gak la. The cafe mocha+choc drink lak biasa2 je.If sekadar nak merasa tu ok la. Excited je sbnrnya nak try sbb baru buka kat Hatten Square, Melaka. :)

After done with makan-makan, me and wan go to Mahkota Parade to find a camera for me. Even tho i love pink,but i'm prefer my gadgets in white color. And yeah, i got my new gadget in white!To be precise, she is a gift from mr.tunang.Thanks dear.Lebiusomuchlah! She is not a dlsr nor something that similar to it. Refer this entry. But to me, she's gorgeous and good enough to take pictures especially in night mode. Most important thing, she is not bulky and can just be carried away in my handbag. :)
Actually for the price, if added another few hundreds i can get dlsr but we just want something simple as a start. Janji ada kan.hehehe.
So here i present my new canon ixus 300hs.My very first own camera and a new addition to the white family.hehehehe.(Outdated lah cik umi pakai dslr dah.hahaha.)

p/s: it is my first entry for 2011!hasil tuaian lg.lucky not from my purse.hehehe



  1. hahahaha, i loike ur beginning of 2011...
    Sungguh menarik hasil tuaian u...
    Yah, girl power!!! :D

  2. sila bawak esok utk berposing! :P