Saturday, January 8, 2011

W-Preparation update

As of today, less than 4 months left to my big day.OMG!*dup dap dup dap*.ok over!hihi.
Just for the info, i didnt take any of wedding package or wedding planner. Because most of the packages are not up to my taste and of course out of budget.wahahaha.And the update so far;

-Booked an appointment with 1 boutique in Nilai. I am still surveying and searching for my dais that is within my budget. Sampai rasa nak buat sendiri je dah pelamin.
-For my bedroom,the makeover are almost done. Only left for the bedroom set, curtains and carpet.
-Saw a deco promo from a wedding+deco blog.Nice.Candy buffet included, the deco are so lovely and just like i wanted.Terus suka!Still in dealing process.They are available on my date.*lompat bintang*
-Confirmed with Shashue from Kirana's boutique that the designs for both of my dresses
are already done but i only can see it on Monday as she left the design at the office. (Emailed her after office hour on friday).So wait till Monday lah.cant' wait!

So far,that's all only for now.Limited time to go for a survey or buy anything for the preparation as my father is not in a good condition.Need to take care of him.Please pray for his health.Luv ya!



  1. Yah, candy buffet... Interesting and cant wait how it looks like! :D

  2. sungguh tak ley blah ayat nak buat pelamin sendiri..gigih gile bakal bride to be ni..hihi..

  3. hihi..bile nak fikir jimat,kena la gigihkan.