Thursday, December 30, 2010

Shopping trip

My last trip for this year was to Singapore. It's a so called shopping trip actually.hehehe. Went there with Wan and his family for 2 days. A little bit awkard at first. Ye la kan, 1st time holiday with future family in laws. Tapi best sebab his family mmg sporting. :)

Ok, so now let's story bout the shopping thingy. Call me miss wateva or anything but i just hate to walk on my feet for the whole day and end up buying nothing. :p
It is very annoying if you want the buy the things you like most but someone will say "buy the most important thing first" or "how many shoes and perfumes you want?" In my situation, it will kill my mood straight away. *sigh*

End up,i only bought a set of clinique skincare which is not that cheap as i thought. Baik beli kat KL je. what you expect shopping in Singapore kan?muehehe. But i don't want to go back home with an empty hand after a long tiring pon jadilah. Wan puas hatilah dapat belt and shoes from D&G.


That was on the 1st day. The next day, where all the malls in orchard are clear,we got a chance to enter all the designer's boutique.hehe..Masuk je la nak feeling2 mampu.Dah la pakai selipar je.muehehe..and guess what, i bought my shoes from this 1 boutique with a very good price. At least,to me. *wink wink*

Shopping time sale for a designer brands in Singapore mmg puas hati ok. But when it comes to brand like zara,mNg,topshop,warehouse and dorothy perkin,sangat la tak berbaloi if beli kat sane.Harga lg mahal.
Tapikan,kain ela like chiffon,french lace and satin adalah sangat murah di Singapore ye.Kat Arab Street.Especially french lace.If kat Gulati's semeter rm400++ kot but in arab street,starting price is  sgd60.For me agak murah la. Byk gak beli kain kat singapore.hihihi.So no picture for this trip ye.Only a picture of all stuffs i and wan bought.Takde mase nak tangkap2 gambar sebab penat gila berjalan.hehehe.

Hasil tuaian
nak menyelit gak tuan belog
Till then,tata!



  1. I like hasil tuaian... memberikan hasil and impak semaksima yg mungkin!!! :P B.R.A.V.O

  2. aai-last pic muka penat dah...hihii

  3. tu baru je nak start shopping ok.pilih kain je 3 jam!hahaha.but not me la ;p

  4. x kuasa mak....kalo cite bab bab sopeng nie..minum barbican lagi cedap