Monday, April 8, 2013



- Safiyya slept for almost 12 hours from the night before.
- Sent ibu ayah adik to airport for umrah in the morning.
- Lunch treat by angah at Legend hotel. Safiyya muntah once we reached car park
- Jalan2 at the mall. Saw iklan puma & adidas clearance sale. We end up bought quite lots of stuffs.
- Go straight home at TTDI coz Safiyya cranky.
- Safiyya started taknak tido. Something wrong somewhere.


- Safiyya cried and screamed almost 3 am in the morning. Sleep not more than 1 hour lps tu bgn nangis. Ajak hubs msk kereta and dia senyap n terus tido!ok now i get it maybe becos of panas
- Blk tu tido for almost 2 hours and she pooped twice. Then she cries again. Around 630 ajak hubs g jumpo doc becos Safiyya tak penah cmni. Maybe she sicks we never know. We went to klinik famili TTDI tp the doc masuk kol 7. So we took our quick breakfst at Mohsin
- We put Safiyya on the baby chair and she's happily screaming and smiling at the mamaks. Now i confuse. Is she ok or not?
- Met the doc and he said got 2 possibilities. Angin or intussusception. He prescribed ubat angin and asked us to monitor. If happen again go straight to DSH. He wrote us the referral letter.
- Gave Safiyya the medicine before off to work and Safiyya muntah! Gah pity my baby.
- While in the office hubs said Safiyya is doing ok until he gave her the ubat angin again. Dia muntah byk.
- Blk kerja trus g jumpa paed kat klinik Altaf TTDI. Paed said the simptom is like rotavirus but not too bad yet. Safiyya is still doing good cos she's active. Just bg air garam and she will be fine. Unless she still muntah go straight to DSH. And it's too late for rotavirus vaccination. But at least i feel so lega.
- Mlm we off to melawati. We stayed there bcos ada aircond. Pray hard Safiyya will sleep well that night and syukur dia tido sgt lena smp ke pg. Kemain anak aku nk tido dlm aircond saje.


- Went out for breakfast. Tapau nasik lemak paru mkn kt rumah.
- Around 1130 am off to the royal bintang Damansara for 2 hours spa session with bff at Jojoba spa. Thanks for the treat ana! We had steam bath,massage,manicure,hand paraffin and ginger tea.
- Had lunch at thai express and balik kejap amek Safiyya
- Safiyya being such a good girl sitting in her carrier until she sees me. Terus merengek2 soh amek dia.
- Going back to the curve again with husband and Safiyya. While waiting for Ana and her husband aku shopping sket kt Mango. Dah aim nk beli apa.hehe.
- Masa Safiyya tido, dia tinggal ngn daddy and ana's husband while me and Ana went for a shopping at street market. Goin crazy over there! Got myself a kimono cardi, iphone casing and Safiyya skirt and pants. And not to forget, Ana bought 2 jumpsuits for Safiyya. Yay thanks babe!
- Went to Nichi and bought a pants.
- Teman husband cari kasut kt hush puppies but too expensive so tak jadi beli.aih
- Dinner at sambal hijau kg sg penchala tp x sedap. So balik Safiyya tido smp pg. Thank god!


- Breakfast at cengkih Melawati. Tak sama ngn Cengkih TTDI ok.
- Blk breakfast terus tido ngn Safiyya smp kol 12 tghari. Haha
- Lps mandi, lunch masakan kakak ipar pastu tido again
- Gerak blk around 530 pm tp ajak husband cari cupcakes kt wondermilk. Nearest is at Publika and we finally go there
- Found wondermilk and bought cupcakes n rainbow in jar.
- Jln2 around and nmpk ada booth harvey norman jual barangan Tefal. Agak murah la rice cooker yg aku penah tgk kt groupon. Skali hubs trus googled and he said jom la beli tp aku ajak mkn dlu kt wondermilk.
- Mkn aglio olio kt wondermilk and hot choc sedap.
- Then turun bwh blk g kt booth harvey norman nk beli rice cooker tu. It was our first purchase for our home. Yeah! Haha.
- Terus blk Rembau nk tgk Abpbh.
- Safiyya mengamok sakan xtau apa sebab tp aku suspek sbb aku marah dia. Haih.

Rabu ni pegi KL blk sbb mak mentua tlng jaga anak. Till then,xoxo!

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  1. wah seronok ye saffiya penuh aktiviti weekend..comel sangat siffiya senyum pakai baju pink tuh..hannah 2 minggu lepas pun ade muntah-muntah..taktau pasal ape..mungkin salah makan..mintak air penawar bagi minum lepas tuh ok..alhamdulillah..risau sangat kalo baby muntah2 ni..haih...