Friday, March 8, 2013

Noon ramblings

TGIF!Now i know how it feels when Friday finally comes.haha.And extra excited as today husband sending me off to the office because today's plan after pick me up later at 6 pm, drop by at my brother's house for early dinner and then heading to Grik, Perak. Not for a holiday but we are attending our cousin's wedding. After reception tomorrow we're going straight back to Rembau.

So today a bit relax at the office. Bloghopping and left a few comments while munching the pretzels.
I found something quite annoying on twitter just now. I know women have rights to find their own money but how if they choose a simple life? How if the husband didn't permit a wife to find a money?
There are so many ways for us to find extra income but MLM? Seriously? Every update is about making money. Really? Maybe i can't afford to buy a Chanel YET but does it important? Things that makes me happy currently is watching my baby growing up healthy in front of my eyes. Cliche but it's true.
I do have plan for a small business but let's give my baby full attention first than later we talk about money. heh.
Rezeki pasti ada di mana-mana. Just put an extra effort and pray to Allah. InsyaAllah. But please stop making any cynical statement in other to attract other people to make money. It's wrong.

Ok enough for that. I want to share a video here but i don't know how to download the video from babycenter. Whatever.haha. Just click the link okay. It's a good guide for a first time mommy. :)

Today's mantra: Be strong,stop complaining, stay calm and fabulous.Ayat artis sangat!
Till then,xoxo!


  1. datang perak?mai la singgah ipoh..;)

  2. say no to MLM huhu. kalau kita nak ada duit lebih pandailah kita carik sendiri kan. haish entahla. happy holiday you :)