Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Hippopo baby spa at The Shore Melaka

This place is finally opened in Melaka. So being excited me, i dragged my husband and the girls to this branch at The Shore last week as they have 20% off from the baby spa session. Limited to first 100 babies only. It's our luck then as they extended their promo to another 100 babies.

We immediately booked our session on 9th May at 6 pm. It's Adele's bath time so i thought it would be the best time to make it.
When the day come, Safiyya suddenly got a fever. When the temperature hit 38.2 degree we brought her to see her paed as we don't keep pcm at our home. We left it in Rembau. Thank god she just have a mild fever but her tonsil a bit reddish. So her paed gave antibiotic and pcm. As for Adele we decided for her to take 3rd dose of rota-virus vaccine and her 1st jab of pneumococcal vaccine which actually scheduled when she turned to 4 months old in another 1 week time. As everything seems fine we went straight to The Shore.

We arrived 45mins early and we got to slot in at 530 pm. I am so excited. We were asked to made a payment first then they explained the facilities they have at the spa and what are they going to do in the whole session.

The session started with warm up the baby. Adele loves it. Around 5 minutes later, the therapist take off the baby cloths and change to swim diaper. It's included in the package. And then they put on the neck float. But Adele seems not comfortable wearing it. She started to cry. Then the therapist change to different float. The one that Adele can sit in it. So big girl already. She's not yet 4 months at that time. Swimming session took about 30 mins and after that i breastfeed Adele for a while before continue with a 30 minutes massage session. Adele became cranky at the end of the session as she's too sleepy. Everything seems fine to me. The therapist is good, the environment is nice with their zoo theme, clean and the staffs are friendly. I did enjoy seeing my baby in the tub and being massage. I think she did enjoyed her spa time too. She didn't cry except at the end of the massage session so i think she's having a good time. hehe. As for the price, it's totally worth it with the 1 hour spa time. Definitely will come again.

Till then, xoxo!~

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