Monday, May 11, 2015

4th Anniversary

Last Thursday, marked 4 years being married to my wonderful husband. Alhamdulillah we are still deeply in love. With 2 baby girls, our life can be seen as complete. Syukur Ya Allah.

So this year, we have no plan at all to celebrate due to budget issue. My husband keep says "i don't have much money now". Okkkk. My initial plan was same to last year. Take leave, go to watch a movie and then have a dinner at a nice restaurant. Only 2 of us. But being my husband, he just can't leave our girls. He wants to bring the girls jalan-jalan as a week before on 4 days leave we stayed at home most of the time. Hmmm i just follow him. I have issue with money too so i can't say much.

A night before our 4th anniversary, we went to The Shore Melaka just to have our favorite drinks at Starbucks. Then we went to Pandora. Oh well i dragged him to go there actually!haha. Husband suddenly decided to buy me a new charm. First charm for this year. Anniversary cum mother's day gift. I'm a happy wifey! Hubsy said "now i can see you smile, if not moody jeeee". Haha it's not that hard to make a women happy lah.

Next morning on our anniversary day, we went out quite early with a plan to go to Taman Buaya. But it's almost 11 am and the weather getting hot so we passed. We went to Oceanarium at The Shore instead. Safiyya want to go to that place ever since Adele was in my womb. We finally managed to bring her there. The ticket price is RM28 for adult and free for children below 3 years old. Then we add another RM10 for turtles feeding.
Overall we had fun. The place is a bit smaller than Aquaria. I really hope Safiyya enjoyed her trip there while Adik sleeping in Ergo baby carrier for the first time. Hehe.

We went to Hard Rock Cafe after that for lunch.
Quick one as Adele became cranky. We had simple lunch there and went back home afterwards. That's all for the celebration. Ok la better than nothing at all. Can't expect a smooth celebration when u tagged along a toddler and a baby.

To the man i love,
Happy 4th wedding anniversary darling. Thank you for always being there for me and our babies. Thank you for always being patience, generous and responsible towards us. Thank you for everything you've done. Love you to the moon and back! Mmuuahh!

Till then, daa!~

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