Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Morning babbling

Hello Tuesday. It's gonna be a random update again today as i don't have much work to do.
I received an email regarding on reporting change manager yesterday. It's a good start i think but i don't receive any instruction yet from my new boss. He is the lead to my previous boss actually so might be i will have new/extra task after this. Will see. Hope i can survive under his wings.

So money flows like "air" these days. This is what happened when we owned a house and commutes to Cyber almost everyday. But it's ok i love our new house. Still in the process to get the grill, plaster ceiling and kitchen cabinet done. But of course my major concern is for the kitchen. I've changed the design for few times already. haha. Keep thinking of it because of the limited space. I can't have the tall unit for the oven so i'm going to put under the table top. My oven will not be in the same line with the hob. Faham x?haha. It will be more or less like the picture. Giler tu pon nk detail. And one more thing the tiles. I've chose black and white color for the cabinet and table top and suddenly the color of the wall tiles popped in my head. It's pink to brown color. Masuk ke?

 Ahh i just hoping my kitchen will turn out as what i imagine before. Tak larat nk fikir dah.

And yesterday i got this from my friend.

She bought this from Kartika Sari Bandung. It is so yummy and super cheap! I should've order more.
But i forgot to eat it this morning. Haih.

Ok la that's all. Till then, xoxo!


  1. gmbr kitchen tu nice!!! sdp mata memandang. pndai la ko cari uhuhu..

  2. bestnyaaa house-decorating! jeles babe.. have fun tauu..

    p/s: nice kitchen! lg banyak la ko bake pasni..

    1. haha tu la niat dia.tu kitchen paling penting konon nnt nk bake slalu :)