Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Short trip

Last weekend we finally went for a short trip to Sg petani Kedah with my husband's family. My brother in law got engaged dgn org sana. Departed from Rembau on Friday and arrived Sky Residences Cinta Sayang Resort almost 12 at midnight.
It's actually took around 5 hours to reach our destination but biasa la settle down few things before gerak.

Our place of stay is 3 rooms apartment. Ok la nice. Bersih. Ada kitchen tp no utensils so xleh la nk masak ke ape. Service lembap and kedekut towels. Even breakfast pon diorg mcm control x bg mkn byk. Imagine mkn mee bandung dlm mangkuk kecik. X jumpa pinggan pn. Piring je ada. Nasib rasa ok.

Trip kali ni mmg betul2 for rest. We didnt go out much even for a good food. After the engagement event, back to our apartment and Safiyya sleep from 7 pm till the next morning. Hubs pon pengsan.
Sunday after breakfast we brought Safiyya to the swimming pool. Kejap je sbb lps tu dia cranky. Sejuk mungkin.
Check out around 2 pm, mlm singgah restoran kayu manis dekat bukit jelutong for late dinner and reached Rembau almost 12 am.

Till then, xoxo!

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