Friday, July 12, 2013

Puasa day 3

Alhamdulillah today is 3rd day of puasa. So far so good for the past 2 days but i haven't pump breastmilk yet so not sure how much the production drop. Safiyya didnt cranky after each df session so i guess my milk is enough for her.

Smlm we went to KPJ Seremban Specialist hospital for Safiyya's medical follow-up.
Syukur she's now better. Only hypersensitive and doc advised to take singulair for 2 months.
Safiyya's current weight is 7.5kg. Ok la naik byk jugak. Quite surprise actually sbb last week dia x brp nk mkn n few days before kurang menyusu.
Oh and today my baby girl dh 10 bulan!
She's now can sit without support, love to scream, pandai main sendiri, sedang active nak memanjat. Mmg ligat xleh dok diam. Hehe.

Yesterday, i made a dessert for berbuka. Simple je but glad my husband loves it. It's a cocktail custard pudding. Yumm!
Oh and also fried macaroni for husband sbb dia x mkn nasi masa berbuka.

You know what, breastfeeding and fasting really challenging. Pray hard that i can tahan to complete it.
Happy fasting guys!

Till then, xoxo!

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  1. officemate i pun kesian i tgk dia puasa. lemah giler sebab susu badan kan. sampai kene paksa buka baru buka tau. bgla resepi cocktail tu u hehe