Monday, December 31, 2012

Hello 2013!

How time flies so fast right. 2012 is full of exciting,loving,sad,pain and happy moments. The most unforgettable moment is being pregnant,vomit more that 8 times a day and gave birth to my beautiful angel through normal delivery which i am so proud of myself. So as i got pregnant early January 2012, none of my 2012 resolution is achieve especially flatten the fat tummy. Haha. It's getting more impossible now after pregnant ok.

Summary of memorable event throughout 2012:
-I am pregnant early January
-Husband bought me an iPad 2 as a gift. Wishlist checked
-Admitted in Pantai Hospital Ayer Keroh because of dehydrated due to frequent vomit
-Holiday in Ri Yaz Kuala Terengganu and celebrate our 1st year wedding anniversary with a sick husband at that time.
-Got infection during pregnancy at 6 months which can affect my baby
-Lost my purse somewhere in pekan Tampin and then a very kind-hearted person hands me back my purse at home! Oh can't forget this
-Bought my very 1st Longchamp limited edition summer collection handbag.
-Received bad news that Pfizer team being terminated and i've been assigned to another different team. Sad. Had been with this team for more than 3 years.
-Giving birth to my baby a day before my birthday!
-Had a very upset moment when can't breastfeed Safiyya on 1st week of her lives. Felt like a loser that time
-Be "ibu susuan" to my brother adopted baby girl name Suci Alya Maisarah.
-Went for a holiday with Safiyya for the 1st time to Bukit Fraser and Penang
-Work on night shift again after 3 years on only day shift in Pfizer team.

So many ups and downs in 2012. Anyhow i am so grateful that i have a beautiful babies, loving husband and supportive family and friends. Love them to bits!

I know it's hard for me to meet the yearly goals but I will try. Niat itu penting. Ecewah!
My 2013 resolution would be as same as 2012 aim.

1 - Nak kempiskan perut, do more excercise
2 - Increase monthly savings for future home
3 - Sign up for life insurance+savings
4 - Open tabung haji account for me and Safiyya
5 - Perform well in my career even-tho i don't really have any passion in what am i doing currently
6 - Cook for husband! Yes i must start to cook as i only made him simple food like spaghetti & maggi before. haha.

I think that's all for now. Im hoping 2013 will be a better year for me and my family. Praying that 2013 will be a good year for us. InsyaAllah amin.

With that, wishing you all happy new year 2013 peeps!

Till then, xoxo!


  1. tengok muka safiyya tu, kadang nampak iras muka u but most of the time macam muka daddy dia

    1. aah semua org ckp cmtu. Safiyya byk ikot muka daddy dia.muka org Melaka.hahaha