Sunday, December 23, 2012

At the moment

As at the moment, it has been 3 nights i am not co-sleeping with my baby girl due to night shift work.
I cried on the first night, almost cry the next day and feels normal now. I miss her so very much. She never sleep with anybody else except me since she was 4-days old.

Husband just whatsapp-ing me, Safiyya cried for a milk and go back to her sleep after get some. I am so relieved. At least i can trust my husband now. hehe.

To tell the truth, currently i feel so sleepy and exhausted. My shift started at 8 PM till 8 AM and arrive home around 1030 AM if i take a nap after shift ended. As i reached home, straightly i hug my baby, play with her, borak2 session and direct feed her. If she still wide awake i will pass her to my mom as i really need to get some sleep before continue next shift. As of 3 days, i managed to get 3-4 hours of sleep during the day.huhu. I don't think i can do this man. This is really tough! Work,travelling from Rembau to Cyber,baby,not having a quality sleep is making me nausea. Seriously. How i wish my husband is rich so i can just quit my job and be SAHM.

Till then,xoxo!


  1. eh u duduk rembau and keje kt cyber? rembau kt mane i kampung rembau jugak. kesiannya u. must be hard kan. kalau i tak sekuat u la. be strong

    1. aah i duk rembau.dkt je ngn pekan n majlis daerah.u rembau ktne?thanks ya babe.ble dh anak mcm2 nk kena pk.xleh nk pk diri sendiri je dh.huhu

  2. Oh i kt chengkau. Dulu i keje pjbt tanah rembau tu. ish jauhnya. Knp u x duduk cyber je? Mmg sgt kuatla u. Tulah dh anak kene fikir dia dulu kan.