Wednesday, September 14, 2011

There It Goes My Day...

Normally every year on my birthday i will do/buy something to treat myself (sejak bekerja la ye) . Tak kesah la beli benda murah or mahal. Tp depends on budget and situation la of course.

So this year, si suami tak cuti and i went to jusco seremban alone. Sit down and relax at starbuck enjoying a glass of creme brule macchiato and banana choc chip muffin.

Then at 4, buat mani & pedi at nail trend. Tu je plng cpt dan murah. Nak buat massage mahal pulak tgh2 bln ni kan. :p

Then at night, went to nando's mahkota parade to have dinner. It's a treat by mr hubby. :)

Dah kenyang terus blk. No desserts nor cakes. So there it goes my day. Simple je kan? No gift surprises and no celebration but i got lots of wishes from family and friend which i really appreciate much. :)
The End.


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  1. apakah sama ? aku rasa birthday kali ni for virgo..the celebration is food..OMG!!!