Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Lady in Red

Yesterday was a good day to me. Had lunch with a good friend of mine, bought a few make-up stuff from Watson and favorite pastries from The Loaf. ohhhhhh i feel fat hence i skipped dinner last night.
As for work, nothing much to do in the office besides change request KT. So yeah, no pressure.

So i when back home. As i arrived, little sister told me Adele not doing well. Ibu said started at 3 PM she became cranky. She refused to sleep even in the swing. I am quite nervous because she never do that. Plus husband not at home last night. I keep praying no sickness upon them.
But i can see she's all fine. I think she miss me. She keep smiling and coo-ing with me. *melting*
After all the struggles she finally sleep at 10minute to 8 PM last night until this morning. Of course 2-3 times awake for breastfeeding session but she continues to sleep after then. Thank god.

As for the lady in red title, it was my outfit yesterday including my handbag but not in the picture. Hehe.
It took a high confidence for me to wear red to the office. I just tone down the look with black and white top and black wedges. Oh and i put on eyeliner yesterday after years haven't do so. Ibu says "ok je" then I'm off to go. :)

Top : H&M
Pants : Kitschen
Shawl : Shawlbyvsnow
Shoe :Crocs Wedge

May the girls doing good as well today onwards. Aamiinn..
Till then, daa!~

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