Thursday, February 6, 2014

Home progress - The beginning

We received our key house somewhere around August/September last year. But we don't do anything for the house since that because of not enough budget. Hehe.
Then a week before end of December 2013, on my almost 2 weeks leave, we started looking for the contractor of grill,plaster ceiling and kitchen cabinet. These 3 things are the most basic and important for our house. Others like furnitures can wait.

My husband already have a contact for the grill and plaster ceiling contractor which was recommended by his friends. So we just settled for that. But for the kitchen cabinet, we took few days to survey and decide which contractor is the best and suits our budget in Melaka area. I will share to you if the outcome is up to my standard. Gitu.

Before they start with the kitchen cabinet, we need to have the kitchen appliances like hood,hob,oven and sink so it's easy for them later to install. They also need the measurement of the fridge but of course we don't buy the fridge yet. We just choose the perfect fridge and ask the sales assistant for the measurement. Settled.

We bought all those appliances from The Houz Kitchen & Bath at Seksyen 9 Shah Alam. Husband got them from the forum i guess. I recommended this place. The promoter was good. He knows everything about the appliances and he will recommend based on our budget. Actually i only have Elba and Rubine in mind but then he introduced Rinnai and Fagor which are way better than Elba so we settled for that brand. Rinnai is a brand from Japan and they're expert in hood and hob tech. While Fagor is from Europe. We can see the original sticker inside the oven. It comes with 2 years warranty as well.
And we got apron,ceramic pot and oven mitt as a free gift. All of it cost less than 4k including the sink and tap. Ok la kan.

Now we're searching for tiles for the kitchen wall, waiting the piping to be done then only can proceed with the cabinets.
Hoping everything will je be just fine and completed accordingly.
Next entry i'm gonna update about the grill.

Till then, xoxo!

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