Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Review #6: Wedding Dress

My wedding dress was designed by a same person who did my baju nikah. Yes, It's Sharifah Kirana. I am totally let her decide everything on the design. I just tell her that any design will do as long it suits on me and of course i will look mesmerizing in that dress.wah gitu!hihi.. And Alhamdulillah Kirana is a very great designer. She know what's the best for her clients!French lace and a soft chiffon with a not too heavy beads. Very nice detailing. It makes me fall in love with that dress. From head to toe which includes tudung,veil,shawl,custom made shoes and accessories all are from Kirana's boutique. Just take a look on this pictures ya.

Do i have to say more about this great designer? :)

Till then, xoxo!



  1. thanks dear..ala belom cuba belom tahu. :)

  2. org slim pakai ape2 pun pasti cantik :)

    p/s nak order kukis masa raya pun bleh :D

  3. Hi there.

    I loved the dress and planning to hire kirana as well to design my wedding dress. Would it be ok if you share with me how much kirana charged you for this dress. You can email me at mis_xinan@yahoo.com.

    Thank you

  4. dear.... sgt cantek. suka suka suka. email me boleh brp kirana cas ? takot lari bajet. hukhukhuk tp me bantut sesuai ke pattern ni ? :hehehe: