Tuesday, June 28, 2011

IP4 & Relaxing Moment

Oh thank god i am finally can update from iphone back. Referring to my previous post on my current needs, 1st item successfully scratched from the list. Thank you to my dearie husband for the gift!

Not a surprise gift la actually. He gave me a cash money and ask me to buy by myself. Kesian tgk bini 3hari mogok buat muka sedih hidup tanpa iphone. Haha.

Dan tadi after kerja i went to Ubud Spa at Seksyen 7 Bangi for the 2nd time. Luckily sempat sbb Spa closed at 930pm. Just buat massage as i got backache. Seriously mmg puas hati. Sejam setengah for a full body traditional massage at only RM78 adalah murah bg i. Kalau la mmg menetap area Kajang or Bangi confirm sign up jd member. Dpt diskaun setiap kali dtg.
Bridal spa package pon affordable. I tak pernah lagi buat scrub or mask but definitely will try soon.

Semoga malam ni dapat tidur dengan lena sbb husband tiada di sisi. Kena pergi company course lagi. >.<

Good night peeps!



  1. bole reveal price bridal package x babe ?:)

  2. i tak berapa ingt exactly tp last time i pergi mmg tak smp RM300.Mask,scrub,mandi susu,massage,eyemask,tangas.pegi la babe.mmg recommended tmpt nih :)