Thursday, February 10, 2011

Two Months Three Weeks

85 days left to my wedding day. How do i feel now?

Excited? Of course. But you know what, at one point of time i dont want to think any of my wedding preparation. Macam malas. I know it's not good. Hope this malas-malas mode will over soon.

Still have a few more things to settle.
-cat bilik
-beli bedroom set
-cari doorgifts utk hari nikah & sanding
-tempah kad jemputan
-cari kasut & tudung for bertandang
-cari kek tingkat2

I think there's another few more things to do but can't think wat is it. Adoiyai dah masuk 26 ni cam slalu lak lupa. Nak bukak cheklist pon malas. I really trying to avoid the last minute thingy for the preparation and let's hope i do not turn out to be a bridezilla.

p/s: still thinking of hiring a videographer for my reception.budget ada cuma fikir is it necessary or not.


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