Friday, February 25, 2011

Cerita yang dah lama

Ye saya tahu cerita ini dah basi. But hey, it's my blog and i can write watever things i want right?hehe..Ramai kwn2 yg nk tunang n getting married dlm masa terdekat ni. Trus nak mengimbau zaman tunang i.Ok poyo.Mcm la dah lama sangat!Sebenarnya sbb baru ada blog kan,so baru la ada cerita nak update. ;p

Last year was a blast. I got engaged on 19th sept after 5 years dating and all the heartbreak relationship! Wah statement mcm dh kawen.hehe..

Not really remember my preparation on that time. Just a simple event with a tight budget. Survey sikit2 and booked directly. Maklomlah tiba2 je nk tunang. :)

I managed to booked mak andam and pelamin in Rembau with affordable package. My engagement dress was bought by fiance's sister in Vietnam. Love it to bits. Like she knows wat suits me. My photographer Amir was recommended by a good friend of mine. He gave me 1 photobook,calender 2011 with me as the model and a cd. Sangat baik and berbaloi. Siap ada outdoor photoshoot after majlis. :)
And the foods was catered by my family and dad's friend. Alhamdulillah semua yg dtg puji sedap. Let' take a look some of my engagement piccas ok!

The E-ring
His happy family
Sista & brada
Our simple hantarans

Di laman rumah
ehem ehem


Hoping and praying that our jodoh will last forever. May our journey towards the big day will going smoothly. amin. :)


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