Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Short babbling

Hello. Happy Tuesday everyone. I took EL yesterday as my car tire got punctured so today i am in the office. My colleague said there are few things to discuss but she got an emergency today. Hmm. But it is okay though, at least i got settle down my task today.

Well actually i miss my babies right now. Sometimes i hope i just can leave this job and be a full time housewife but part of me says i still love my job, i need that fixed income. How now brown cow? Husband already give me a green light to quit. The sooner the better. He prefer me to be at home now. At least until Adele not in the need-mommy-all-the-time phase.
We have a backup plan for me to find a side income and now we are trying to settle/reduce the total amount of PTPTN and my credit card. Pray hard to not swipe the credit card now. huhu.

Next month, Safiyya's turning to 3. How fast the time flies huh? Might send her to playschool next year. She loves to have friends around and play together. She loves to babble in her own language. Only me and husband understand what she talks about. haha. A picky eater who loves ice cream. She loves her baby sister. Ah so many lovely things about her. Bias la of course. kekeke.

I'm planning her 3rd birthday bash in my mind. Already survey the cake, the theme, birthday gift and even her dress. haha. I don't have mood to plan her birthday last year because of 2nd pregnancy so this year is a must! Only a simple one. Family and close friends. Hopefully. Still planning though.

Phonics Desk or that laptop?

Last Sunday, we brought her to Toys r us and we bought her something like cooking set. Things we can cut using the plastic knife and can re-attach back. She so clever after got her stuff then said "come, let's go!". haha. So big girl already. Ok lah that's all. Going back home now.
Till then, daa!~

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