Friday, September 19, 2014

Things happened

September not yet come to an end but so many things had happened this month. My money plus Safiyya's duit raya has been stolen. I wonder till now how can the thief pulled my handbag from far thru the grilled window. But lucky me he did not take my IC, bank card and car key. Ayah said maybe drug addict. Benda nak jadi. I always keep my handbag in the bedroom but that night i left it in the living room on the sofa. Huhu. Takpelah redha. I might have missed something in life.

In the same week 12th Sept, we did a small kenduri solat jemaah and baca surah al-baqarah at our new home in Melaka. Our nest is actually not 100% complete yet but as we already stay there every weekend i told hubs we must do this kenduri. Rumah baru kan. So we only invite ayah's few friends, my family, cousin, in laws and neighbors. Hubs ordered nasi briyani Pokok Mangga and i made fruit cocktail as dessert. Alhamdulillah it went well. Foods pon cukup and sedap.
Later after that, we celebrate Safiyya's 2nd birthday. Simple celebration with a small cake. I asked hubs to buy a happy birthday balloons. Not in the picture btw. Funny part, Safiyya scared when all of us started to sing a birthday song. Terus nk masuk buai tido. Hahaha.

The next day, hubs planned for a BBQ night as a birthday celebration for yours truly. 3 years married and he finally did something on my birthday and i don't even ask him to do so. It's a quite surprise eventho he planned in front of me. Bhahaha. I'm so grateful that my family and parent in law doing all the preparations. Biasalah pregnant lady bukan larat sgt. I just made a coleslaw because i want too. Puas hati. Mil made a pudding castard and bihun singapore. I am so full that night. After that hubs brings out the cake. It's a BR cake with my fav flavor inside. Awwww!! Thanks so much la hubby! Love you! It's just a small cake as hubs ordered the cake a day before. Never mind. Everyone still got a chance to taste the cake. Hehe.

Last week during public holiday, parent in law came to our house to help us organizing Safiyya's playroom,wedding gift and kitchen cabinets. They even bought us 3 new carpets as a gift. Rezeki. Thank you mak and abah! There are still so many things to do for our new house especially living hall and master bedroom. Safiyya's playroom and guest room almost completed. Just need to buy a wardrobes. We currently sleep in the guest room. Malas nk naik atas during pregnancy ni. Penat naik tangga. We hope can settle everything by next year. Aaminn. Ok la i think that's all for now. Till then, daa!

p/s: please excuse my grammar ya. i'm not a pro! :p

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