Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Shopping for our baby

Masuk je 20 weeks of pregnancy trus beli baju baby eventho taktau gender lg masa tu.hehehe. Excited okay.

1st batch ni byk baju2 je.Place i bought - Empire shopping gallery, world of babies nilai and flea market cyberjaya.

2nd batch. Beli masa kat mom & baby expo midvalley. Pegi last day and dlm kol 7 lbh gitu so byk kedai dh mula packing2 nk tutup. Tp x byk sgt ktrg borong. Yg basic2 je. We bought Mamypoko nb diapers, nursing pillow+cotton breast pad,diaper rash balm,swaddle blanket,baby pillow and baby wipes.

Now thinking where to put all this stuffs?hehe.padehal xde la byk mana pon :p

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  1. wahh byk nye beli brg baby..hehe..tape beli secara pukal lebih murah..:P

  2. Wuuu, dah byk dah beli... :) lepas ni sure kaler pink and purple je memenuhi ruang... :D