Sunday, January 1, 2012

31st Dec 2011

It's my first entry for 2012. Happy new year again peeps!

Yesterday was totally a tiring day. Went for a half-day shift routine, had lunch in Bangi, window shopping at the gardens midvalley, went to ttdi damansara for fil birthday celebration and back to Rembau at midnight. Phewhhh!

So i want to story about my luncheon with mr husband at Little White Cafe Bangi.
It's located near to wong solo and behind the pkns bangi.
I am actually love the cafe concept.

Nice isn't? The foods are not bad at all. Even the teh tarik pun wan kata mmg sedap and he likes the sausage toasties much! As for my grilled chicken the vege a little bit salty but ok la. Sedap jugak. I've been craved for a red velvet cake for a few weeks before but sadly no rv cakes yesterday but they have a rv buttermilk cupcakes instead! Ok la layan and then just realize for the price of 1 small rv cupcakes costs us rm11! The most expensive cupcakes i've ever ate! Memang sedap but too mahal ler. No more cupcakes in this cafe after this. But others are recommended.

Road traffic in kl yesterday was suprisingly clear. I want to go to OU at first but when a friend of mine said midvalley clear terus shoot ke sana. And this is my last purchase for 2011.

Want to buy more in DP and 1 top in Bershka tp wan dh buat muka nk membebel. Maka will continue later lah. Heh. That's all only for my 1st update in 2012.

Till then, x0x0!


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