Thursday, April 28, 2011

Busy sana sini

Huiiii,naik bersawang dh ha blog! Sgt malas dan busy nk update blog.wah gitu!
Busy settle on wedding thingy k. Pergi sana sini. Walaupon most of the things byr org je buat, tp nak kena tahu jugak kan update.

- All the baju kawen,both nikah & sanding,shoes & accessories can only be pick up on next Tues.

- Confirmed on theme color for the flowers of hantaran & handbouquet. Yeah i know the very last minute.

- Closed deal with baker in Seremban. Quite pricey for only 2-tier wedding cake tp takpelah. Senang nak amek nnt. Oh and also for cake hantaran. Confirmed too!

- Bedroom's deco almost done. Air-cond just installed this evening. It will be only a simple decoration. Takde nak kelambu kelamba or curtains as the backdrop k. The very la simple. Ala2 urban giteww!haha.

- Wedding card successfully distributed. Only left few cards that need to be post.

- 3 weeks leave approved yo!And tomorrow is my last day working as a bujang.haha

- Legal docs completed. All handled by my sista! Bak kata adikku, "ko tggl akad je". :p

Tu je kot update so far. Final checklist will be update next week. Till then, tata!


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  1. best kan dah nk kawen...hehe

    pas ni leh welcome to da club :)

  2. Hehe..excited mengatasi takut mahupun neves!beb,dtg wedding aku nnt k :)