Thursday, December 29, 2016

2016 In Summary [updated]

Hello everyone! 2016 is ending soon. What did I accomplished this year?

January - I DIY Adele's birthday party. Just a simple one but i did almost everything by myself like a dessert table, simple deco and a homemade salted caramel for a doorgifts. Only the birthday cake sponsored by my bestfriend on that day. Alhamdulillah the event went smoothly.

April - I made a biggest decision in my life. I finally submitted my resignation letter after 9 years with the company. Hardest thing to do in my life at that moment. But now after 6 months being a stay at home mother, no regrets at all. In fact i'm enjoying my life now.

May - Safiyya stopped going to school after she had a useless teacher (that teacher had been fired as informed by the principle). She refused to go to school and I didn't force her since we are moving to Melaka.
Adele admitted to the Pantai hospital after 5 days of fever and cough with phlegm and flu.

June - Two days after my last day at work we finally moved permanently to our own house. No more shuttling Melaka-Rembau-Cyberjaya. Unless if i have brownies order. Hehe.

August - Went for a short trip to Ipoh. Well more to "jalan-jalan cari makan" actually and we had fun.

September - Made a devil's food chocolate cake for the first time for Safiyya's birthday but then she didn't even eat it. Haha. Celebrated my birthday at Tony Roma's (finally a proper birthday celebration without the girls making a scene) and got an Apple Watch as my birthday gift by husband along with 2 pandora charms. May god bless him.

October - I received an invitation from theduckgroup for the Alphabet Duck launch. My first event ever. I dragged along my husband and the girls so I don't have to worry about the time hehe. Feels good that I finally got a chance to join this kind of event.

November - I read a book. 1 whole thick novel within a month. Pat on my back haha.

December- Adele admitted again to Pantai hospital with high fever and cough with phlegm. Poor little girl.

As for materials, still collecting Duckscarves limited edition. Haven't miss any of the LE yet this year. But world map duck might be the last. MAYBE we shall see. Hehe.
And i bought 2 expensive lip matte. Kylielipkit and Huda Beauty. Others are 2 Lancome, 1 lipstick from Fame cosmetics and 1 Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks which doesn't suit my skin color. Huh.
I don't buy any designer/branded handbag this year except bastabag from Sometimes. Huhu.

As for traveling, I don't go anywhere outside Malaysia. But we did check in quite alot of hotels. Majestic Hotel KL for our anniversary, Ascott KL for staycation, Intercontinental hotel, Resort World Kijal (2 times), Mandarin Oriental KL, Maritime Waterfront Hotel Penang, Holiday Inn Subang, One World Hotel and Empire Hotel Subang when husband off for his meeting and Symphony suites hotel Ipoh for a short vacation.

As for my girls, Safiyya is now a little bit independent. She can tell us when she wants to go the loo. But she still insists to wear diaper when poo poo time and midnight. She will let us know if she's hungry but still she is a picky eater. Same menu everyday. Her vocab is quite good but she can't read yet. She knows which number and alphabet but can't read a word or sentence.

Adele on the other hand, such a clingy baby. She still on fully breastfeeding! We tried to gave her a few formula milks but she didn't like it. Only these few day she slowly to accept the s26 fm. I just wait for her to turns 2 this January then i'll start to wean her off. My body is now aching like nobody business. She loves nasi ayam or nasi with soup. Her vocab at her age now (turning 2 this 14th Jan) quite good as well. She will tell us when she done pooped. Haha. "Mi, biyak" "mi,nk soup", "nk ashik", "aibiyu mi", "nk andi", "nk air", "nk buai", "sakit". That's all i can remember at the moment. She is so me in terms of her "perangai" haha.

For @umiecanbake, Alhamdulillah doing great eventho not having everyday order. But the feedbacks from my customers are all good. Syukur. I only managed to join 1 baking class in October with the most famous baker in town. TheKitchenGuardian. I want to join Kak Yani class since the beginning of umiecanbake and i finally got a chance to learned from her. 😘

There are few things I didn't managed to achieve this year. Swim class, no savings, no traveling outside the country and not being any lighter (body weight). Carry forward then. Haha. I hope 2017 will be a better year for me, for my family. I already did a 2017 resolutions with husband. A realistic one. Haha. Hope we can achieve it. In sha Allah.

And so, Wishing you guys a Happy New Year 2017!

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