Thursday, June 11, 2015

Things in my mind

I am still wide awake at this hour. Too many things on my mind. It's all started with whose gonna babysit my daughters when i'm off to work. Yes my mom is currently taking care of them when i'm going to the office. Since we have Adele and she just so small and need lots of attention, clingy and love to be cuddle most of the time, i will get a complained from her each time i came back home. And she always remind me to find a helper which we already search for since Adele was in my womb. It's not easy to find a helper in kampung area these days. I'm lucky that my job is flexible. My manager is a cool person actually. He can tolerate with me to work from home as long as my task are all completed. Alhamdulillah i have an unfussy boss. So most of the time i will work at home so i can look after the girls at the same time. Roughly 2,3 times per week i work from home and sometimes 4 times a week depends on situation.

Then my mom suddenly mentioned to me about new nursery that just opened in town. I told her if we send the girls to nursery they will easily get sick. And i got slammed by that statement. Haih. Really, i just can't let strangers taking care of my girls. So many crazy/mental people in this world. I am a paranoid mother. I am scared. Safiyya not yet 3. She can't even speak well. Eventho my mom said she can take care of Adele until she turns 1, i am so not ready to let my girls go yet.

And i confided to my husband. He just said, "Easy, just resign. Let's packing our stuff and go back to our own house. Take care of our girls". Big part of me says "yeay!!!" But another tiny part says i love my job. I love money. Can we survive without my income? I have lots of commitment. My car, personal loan, credit card. That 3 only costs me almost 2k. I don't have any savings and i have my own interest that sometimes it's not cheap. Ya tak sedar diri i know.

And raya is coming (of course puasa dulu). Lots of money will involve. Maybe no duit raya from me this year. Sorry kids. Baju raya? Hmmm i have 2 never wear modern kurung. Maybe just buy new dresses for the girls. If lucky maybe my husband will buy new baju for us. Hehe. Or just wear back the attire from my sister' wedding.
Ah anything will do as long as 4 of us colorcoordinated. Haha.

My plan now is just work from home and taking care of the girls. Maybe show my face to the boss 1-2 times a week. And wait until final year review. At the same time i'm looking for a potential online business with my close friend. Hope these will be right on track. Or else, maybe i just quit with no further complains. Heee..

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

My Sister's wedding and Adele's Aqiqah

She is not a little anymore but she is my younger sister and she just got married to her best friend since primary school last 2 weeks.
The solemnization was happened on Friday night after Isya'. And our family theme was turquoise. I'm not sure what the color is. I think it's blue but the photographer keep mentioning green family. I wore a set of nursing friendly blouse and mermaid skirt with chicnbasic NaelofarHijab, baju kurung for Safiyya and a sleeveless dress for Adele.


On the next day, Saturday morning was a majlis Aqiqah for my baby Adelea. It's just a simple ceremony with marhaban and then all the atoks touch adele's head with dua' i think as she already done with tahnik and cukur jambul when she was 7 days old.
And her atok sponsored the kambing golek on that day.

After the majlis, i did some small set up for my sister guest book table and wedding signage. We just use whatever we have including Safiyya's very new easel blackboard. Only the fresh flower centerpiece I've ordered from florabyshayra. The reception theme was mint green and pink. Family theme outfit is salmon. I chose the color by the way. I'm wearing nursing friendly mini kurung with laces and printed babesnbasic by NaelofarHijab, both girls wearing sleeveless kurung. Adelea being such a cutie pie on that day. We have kambing golek, ice cream, lots of kuih and cendol. And for the first time i ate lamb as it looks delish and the taste was good too!

Sunday was majlis bertandang at the groom side. Not too far from our house. It was held in Dewan Sri Rembau. Family theme was emerald green. I wore a nursing friendly maxi dress with ladylove scarf by NaelofarHijab, maxi dress for Safiyya and baby dress for Adelea. We are so going to recycle those baju this coming raya. Haha.

Alhamdulillah all went well. Extra foods and no extra doorgifts. Hehe. Big congratulations to my dear sister. Hope you have a blessed marriage and wish you a happiness till jannah. Love you!

Till then, daa!~

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Spa & Lunch date

This happened like a month ago. My best friend Ana has bought the spa voucher from Groupon months before. That was our 3rd spa session together using Groupon voucher. First was at Royale Spa at Royale Bintang Hotel, The Curve. Second was at Pullman Putrajaya Fit and Spa Lounge and the latest one was at Serenity Skin at eCurve.

We've set an appointment on 1130 am. We actually arrived 20 minutes late as we thought the spa located at The Curve but actually they are at Cineleisure (eCurve). Haha. Luckily they are fine with late arrival maybe because it's on weekdays so they have plenty available slots.

As we arrived, we were brought to a separate room! We thought we are going to have a couple room just like from our previous 2 spa experience but this spa is different. They don't have couple room. The spa session started with foot bath. Soaked in warm water around 15 minutes then the therapist/masseur put on lotion on my both hands for a light massage. And then she finish it with scrubbing my feet.

Next, she asked me to change my clothes. Then she put on a mask i think at my back and leave it for a while before she cleanse it. Later after that she continues with a massage. Love the massage among those 3 spa by the way. My stiff neck felt so relief after that. Oh they put on eye mask as well while i laid on my back. And then she said "it's done".

Lastly they served us with a ginger tea and they explained to us a bit on their spa package offer for Groupon customer only. We are quite tempted on that time. But after made a discussion we decided to find another spa offer on Groupon.

After our spa session, we went to Absolute Thai at Ikano for lunch. We are so hungry at that time as for me i skipped breakfast that morning. I've ordered tomyam fried rice, seafood tomyam soup and ice lemon tea. Oh my goodness, the tomyam soup is super delish! It's a bit pricey but totally worth it. Me and my best friend had a good time. We ended our date with a quick shopping at Ikea before rushed back to my kids. We are so going to repeat this session soon!

Till then, xoxo!

Scarf : Duckscarves
Top : Mango
Jeans : Levi's
Shoes : Jelly Bunny
Handbag : Longchamp (i put my breastpump thingy in it actually :p)